Understanding Betting and Betting Systems

When it’s about gambling, every player wants to play for the longest time possible and obviously want to spend maximum money. But it’s indeed important to think on how much money you can really afford to bet. Here we’ll consider that and also will discuss about a few betting systems.

How Much Money You Should Gamble

While thinking on this, think on how much can cause you no problem if lost before you enter a situs bandar capsa susun (casino site). Calculate that and that’s the figure you should gamble. Don’t think on how much you should left with since it’s of no use as you’ll soon blow that too. Your true budget should be the amount you are comfortable to lose. Once you figure it out, divide that figure in daily budgets. Thus if you figure out that you have no problem in losing $300 in 3 days, you can bet $100 per day. So, if you lose $100 on a certain day, stop immediately and do something else.

Betting Systems

The plan you make about how much you can bet is called a betting system. It is based on whether earlier rounds were wins or losses. This planning is essential to increase your odds of winning in a short term. Remember that no betting system is useful for a long term which also means that no betting system can outshine the house edge. The fact that you have more chances to win in the short term is balanced by another fact that when you lose, you may lose very big if you don’t use a betting system.

For example, in martingale betting system, you double your wager after a loss. Thus if you bet $5 and lose, next time you wager $10. If you lose them, you’ll bet $20 and so on. At the end when you win, your profit will be $5. The major hitch with this system is that if you lose a series of bets, you can’t afford to make the next bet. And even if you could, the casino will restrict how much you can bet.

There is another system less dangerous than this and it’s to increase your wager by 50% every time you win. Thus if you wager $8 and win, you will increase your wager by $4 and will bet $12 next time. If you win that too, you’ll add $6 and will bet $18 and so on. But if you lose, you can start over with $8 which is safer than the martingale system because you bet more when you win and not when you lose.

It’s a lot to learn in gambling and if you are serious about choosing it as an earning source, you have to study it thoroughly, so as to become successful.