Understand Various Types of Slots and Increase Your Chances of Winning

Most people prefer playing slots when they visit a casino, whether online or land-based. Slots are considered to be fun and those who visit casinos just for fun naturally get attracted to slots. These slots are of various types and these categories can be made based on various factors. Here’s some information for you.


Denominations are the most basic factor upon which slots can be identified with different types. Depending upon the denominations the slots accept they are basically categorized into:

  • Pennies
  • Dollars
  • Quarters
  • Nickels
  • High Limit

Number of Reels

Reels are the spinning symbols on the front side of the slot machines. Earlier reels used to be big metal hoops that spun physically inside the machines; but now they are typically only for show. Actually, most slot games of today contain these reels in the form of video screens.

Old-school traditional slot machines have three reels, while more modern machines contain 5 reels. The extra reels allow to have even bigger jackpots because the more the number of reels, the harder it is to win a game. Depending upon the number reels, the types of slot machines are:

  • 3-reel
  • 5-reel
  • 6-reel
  • 7-reel

Types of Games

Slots have changed a lot over the years from basic games with three reels to extremely interactive games with feature-packed 3D video as well as immersive sound. Moreover, there are different slots RTP and variance of the machines based on where you are in the world. The main types of slots depending on this are:

  • Classic Slots
  • Fruit Machines
  • Video Slots
  • 3D Slots
  • Pokies
  • AWP Slots

Flat Top and Progressive Slot Machines

There was a time when most slot machine games used to have a fixed top jackpot. They are known as “flat top” slot machines and they are still commonly used. They have a lower prize for the big winner but offer far better chance of winning than that of a progressive jackpot.

The jackpot at a progressive slot machine increases over time. This is often a highly large jackpot, equivalent to what someone may win playing the lottery. A small percentage of each bet played is taken by the game and added to the total jackpot till it’s won, a point at which the game starts over with its beginning jackpot.
Plus, there are many other types of slots depending upon various other factors. Playing after understanding them can help you play thoughtfully and increase your chances of winning.