Types of Online Lotteries – Which One will You Choose?

Among all the gambling types, lotteries are undoubtedly, the most unadulterated, simple and fun form of gambling. It’s the most popular one too and the population playing it didn’t even realize till date that they were gambling! And still, they don’t suppose so! However, it’s a truth that in lotteries, you put your money in and expect to get bigger amounts in return. Online lotteries are of different types and if you want to play, you should know about them in order to choose the most suitable one.

Number Lotteries

This is one of the oldest forms of lotteries. Many of the most popular lotteries in the world come under this category. It requires you to actively picking numbers from a pool of numbers that is predetermined. Usually, there is an additional number too which if you pick correctly, you can win jackpot. This number has different names like bonus number, star number etc. Number lotteries often are characterized with the highest jackpots of all the lottery types, because of a huge number of players.

Subscription Lotteries

The idea behind subscription lotteries is you purchase a lottery ticket, with either an available line of numbers or the one where a single or multiple number lines are to be filled out by you. You have to pay a monthly fee and the same lottery ticket of yours will go on appearing for each draw. Here there are some obvious benefits. You are likely to win the jackpot at every draw, but the worry of missing deadlines is eliminated.

Many number lotteries feature a subscription service; but some lotteries need a prior subscription in the first place to start playing. No matter, how many tickets you purchase, you will receive the same code of numbers on each of them, i.e. your postcode. Every draw consists of the drawing of many postcodes that will consequently win a prize. It means that your winning chances won’t increase by buying more number of tickets.

Last Digit Lotteries

In this category of lotteries, the drawn number series should be congruent to your lottery ticket’s numbers. These numbers are to be read from right to left and you prize amount increases for every corresponding number. E.g. if the draw comes out to be in the numerical series 12345, each ticket number that ends with “5”, “45”, “345”, “2345” and “12345” wins, regardless of which number is there before.

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