Top Tips to Win Big Amounts on Sports Betting

Many people prefer to stay away from sports betting with a thought that it is a hard nut to crack. But the fact is sports betting is one of the most profitable types of gambling, the other two being poker and horse racing. Just take a look at the various tips and tricks for sports betting on Sports Betting Vault and you will be amazed. Here are some tips.

Find a Correct Sportsbook

This is a kind of no-brainer and the easiest tip for a beginner. Find a correct sportsbook and place your bet on it! You will have to shop around and you will definitely get the best line with which your winning chances will increase by at least 3% to 4%, no matter on which team you place your bet.

Bet on What the Public is Not Betting on

This is another best and surefire tip in sports betting. It is simple to adopt too. Keep an eye on what the public is betting on and bet on exactly the opposite, i.e. what they are not betting on. That’s why sportsbooks are running their businesses. From the data collected and compiled since 2003, it is obvious that it is profitable to “fade the public”.

Betting Percentage Data

The betting percentage data given on sites like Betting Vault are useful to determine the real value of any betting line. It is typical to know that a betting line of -7 favors the Home Team. But it is eye-opening to know that the Home Team -7 contributes to 90% of all bets on this game.

Bet Early on Favorites, Late on Underdogs

If you are a seasoned professional, you know that people love to bet on favorites. You can turn this to your advantage. Most clever players are underdog bettors due to the value in purchasing back betting odds is bloated by the enormous influx of square (people’s) money.

On Betting Vault, you will find numerous tips on sports and other types of betting, like horseracing betting strategies, most popular UK sports to bet, how to earn £30000 on the investment of £1000 with sports betting, and many more. Visit this website to get these valuable tips and win big amounts.