Top Tips to Improve Your Chances of Winning in 3 Major Casino Games

Gambling is known as gambling because it doesn’t guarantee anything. If you hope that there would be one day when you will win every time and every day thereafter, come out of the fool’s paradise. You might know or have heard of gamblers who play professionally and make a 6-figure income annually. However, certain activities can help you make that sort of money. Even gamblers who only play with an edge cannot earn that type of income.

But there is the good news. You can certainly do tricks to increase your odds of winning almost at any gambling game or casino. This can include choosing bets that have the lowest house edge or it may mean making perfect playing decisions. Even though you are not able to get an edge over the house or the bookmaker, you can still decrease their edge enough to improve your chances of winning.

Here are some useful tips to achieve this while playing 3 of the most popular casino games. All of them are designed to enhance the level of entertainment you get from playing at the casino like Situs Bandarq online, even though not all of them actually may increase your chances of winning. For many gamblers, entertainment is a goal behind gambling and if you are having fun while playing, you actually win even if you are losing.

1. Tips to Win at Poker

Poker can be one of your most amazing shots at making money consistently. However, you need to be appropriately skilled not only to beat other players at the table, but be able even to beat them by sufficient to cover the rake, the commission taken by the casino for hosting the game. Typically it’s 5% of the entire pot. Here are tips that you’ll find useful to win poker.

Read Your Opponents’ Tells

Practicing this will offer you an edge in live poker that many other players don’t have. Several experts have written books on this subject. Get them and read them. They’ll teach you how to figure out what other players at the table are going to do from their body language.


Fold More Frequently

It’s a common mistake most poker players do to play too many hands just to start with. Next, they chase those hands too far. Folding more frequently will allow you to head towards winning.

Raise More Frequently

Those who bet and raise more frequently are aggressive players. They tend to win pots more frequently due to their opponents’ folds. They even receive more money in the pot when they have an edge.

Learn the Math of the Game

Unless you understand anything regarding pot odds and odds of winning a pot, it’s almost impossible for you to win at poker.

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Learn Texas Hold’em

Texas hold’em is world’s most popular poker game. And if you wish to fish, you should fish where there are big fish.

Study the Game through Books

There are a lot of books out there on how to win at poker. Go ahead and read them. However, reading should be just a small part of your efforts. The real efforts are in practice. So, practice a lot and understand what you are doing.

Practice Online

There are a lot of good sites like Situs Bandarq online where you can practice the game. Start by practicing free games. However, you have to start playing real games as quickly as you can.

Keep a Notebook of Winnings

As said earlier, you should keep an eye on what you are doing and one of the simplest ways to do this is maintaining a notebook of your winnings.

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2. Tips to Win at Blackjack

Blackjack, together with video poker, is a casino game which can offer you a noticeable mathematical edge over the casino. Nevertheless it’s not sufficient to only play the hands appropriately. You should also learn a legitimate beneficial method such as continuing cards. Here are tips to win at blackjack.

Learn to Count Cards

It may seem difficult to you, but it’s actually easier if you do it properly and you can get an edge over the house from 0.5% to 2%. You even don’t need to memorise the full deck to count cards. You only need to keep a running count of negative and positive values on the basis of the high and low cards that have been dealt. There are so many techniques of counting cards, but the most popularly used is the Hi Lo count.

Find a Crowded Table to Play

If you have heard that other players are able to screw up your hand by making wrong decisions, it’s not true so you should not believe it. However, when you sit alone at a table, you get in many more hands per hour than if you sit at a crowded table. Actually, if you are alone at the table you are going to see 200 hands per hour, whereas if there are 6 other players at the table you are going to see 50 hands per hour. This means that you’ll lose 4 times more while playing alone than if you play at a full table.

Take Frequent Breaks if You don’t Count Cards

If you take breaks often, your hourly rate of losing money will be reduced. The reason for this is that your expected loss per hour is a factor of the number of hands you play per hour.


Memorize Fundamental Strategy

Blackjack contains surprisingly few possibilities. For example, the dealer will only have one of ten possible cards. You will have a two card total, but their number is quite limited too. Some of the methods to play different hands are easy to remember too. E.g. aces or 8s are always split. But 4s, 5s or 10s are never split. The casino edge for a blackjack game is quoted with an assumption that you are making use of a perfect fundamental strategy.

Learn about the Casino Edge

The casino edge in blackjack differs according to the situations in the game and rules. Certain rules, such as having fewer decks in play are beneficial for players. Being permitted to re-split or double after splitting also lessens the house edge. Understanding these effects of the rules and situations can assist you in deciding which game you should play.

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3. Tips for Winning at Bingo

Bingo is a special game which many people don’t even consider a gambling game and play it popularly in churches and retirement homes. It’s considered to be harmless particularly compared to other more serious gambling games such as poker or sports betting. With the following tips, you can increase your chances of winning in this fun game.

Take Care while Selecting a Bingo Site

While looking for playing bingo online, it’s advisable to research a little about the sites you are considering. Not all bingo sites are equal and as reputable as Situs Bandarq online. You should take the necessary precautions and make sure you are playing at a safe and secure place.

Manage Your Bankroll

Actually this is a general tip for all types of gambling, but most bingo players forget it. Some advisers on gambling skip this stage because it doesn’t make the odds in your favor. While this is true, the rule has certain practical applications. The concept is to set a stop loss limit and win the goal. The amount you don’t mind to lose before quitting is your stop loss limit. This means, once you lose that much amount, you don’t play further. A win goal is same as this barring the fact that it’s based on winning a particular amount. After losing that amount, you stop playing. Its goal is to heighten your chances of quitting the house as a winner.

Manage Your Bankroll

Don’t Forget Signup Bonuses

Bingo signup bonuses are a great attractive feature that is specific to online bingo and not its brick-and-mortar counterparts. Commonly when you make your first deposit at a bingo site, you’ll get an amount as bonus which is a particular percentage of the deposit. This offers you the enjoyment of almost like playing with free money. To cash out however, you need to place a decided number of wagers. But still, you are free to place free bets any time and that will improve your chances of winning. Or you can at least get more gambling for your money.

Sit Near the Bingo Caller

This rule is useful when you are playing live bingo. The idea behind it is that the closer you are to the caller, the more likely you are to get your bingo first. You have a fewer chances to miss a number that’s been called.

Hope these tips will improve your games at casino and your fun level will improve too. Use them and experience the enjoyment.