Top Tips for Choosing the Right Jukebox

Long ago jukebox providers used to just drop a jukebox off at a place and leave. Today selecting a jukebox includes checking the supplier’s services as the machine itself. The services offered by jukebox rental companies vary significantly based on the company itself, and can have a huge impact on both jukebox takings and the atmosphere of the venue. Here are tips to help venue owners to choose the right jukebox service.

What is a Digital Jukebox?

A digital jukebox or just jukebox is software for music file management. It enables users to arrange MP3 and other audio music files into playlists and play them. Digital jukebox’s functions are merged into media players like iTunes and Windows Media Player.

Types of Jukeboxes

Basically there are three types of jukeboxes:

  1. Freestanding: These are self-balanced and you can place them anywhere in the room provided there is a power supply close by. This type of jukeboxes are used commercially i.e. in casinos, circuses, hotels, exhibitions, etc.
  2. Wall-mounted: These are fixed onto walls. They are usually seen in pubs and other drinking facilities to provide entertainment while saving the space.
  3. Miniature: These are either replicas meant only for decorative purposes or to offer a limited number of pre-chosen tracks.

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What’s Your Purpose?

If you want a jukebox for permanent installation, it’s advisable to choose a wall-mounted one. Although they are seemingly fixed, they can be shifted to other places in the room or another room. But if you want a jukebox as a permanent asset that you can move around as per the venue of the event, you better choose the free-standing version.

Discuss Your Needs with the Provider

A good jukebox provider will typically discuss the specific music needs of your venue before even installing the machine. You should consider your venue’s customer base to decide which jukebox model and music library will match the ambiance of your venue.

Today’s jukeboxes are available with incredible capacities. The higher the memory, the better it is for you. You may also find a jukebox that has an ability to merge tracks digitally to present a hassle-free song experience for the evening.

Choosing among Themes

The look and shape of the jukebox are also important factors to consider. Though there are a variety of old world themes available in jukeboxes, the choice will be based on the liking of the owner and the use/purpose of the machine.

Choosing a Jukebox According to Music and Venue

While a machine offering every single hit from the top charts may be the most popular among casinos, restaurants and pubs, those with alternative music venues may want to choose another model. For those having a younger customer base, a jukebox with cutting edge features, that includes automatic uploads of new music can captivate the crowds.

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Apart from music, a quality supplier will advise you about the location of the jukebox, so that it can attract the optimum attention of customers. Speaker position and sound zones are also important and a provider should be able to advise regarding them, enabling a venue to work with different volumes in every area to create the mood, such as a more peaceful dining zone.


A professional jukebox supplier won’t stop here. S/He will also keenly look into how the jukebox is performing after the installation. This could be done through anything from playing lighter tempo songs in the day than in the evenings to adding more songs from a specific genre if that music style is becoming popular to pre-programming the jukebox.

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