Top Tips for Choosing a Right Tipster for You

Joining a horse racing tipster subscription can be a smart move. Making use of the expertise of an individual who studies races for hours, have contacts in the inner racing circles and have proven to produce profit, is enticing for several novice as well as experienced punters. Plenty of tipsters provide their expertise for free.

Before the advent of the internet, tipsters used to operate on phone; but nowadays, anyone is able to develop a website and start selling a tipster service. This has made it difficult to sort wheat from the chaff and choose a tipster that is real legitimate and suitable. Here are some factors to consider before parting with your hard-earned money.

Cost of Subscription

Cost is obviously an essential factor while deciding which tipster to select. Sadly in the world of horse race betting, cost isn’t necessarily associated with quality. Some of the services may be highly priced only to give a view of exclusivity, while others choose to charge their tips very competitively, with an aim of helping punters ‘get one over’ the bookies for only a small price. The best thing is to choose a tipster who provides a monthly payment, probably besides longer subscription choices. Those who offer only 3/6/12 month in addition to fees should be avoided because if such services have to go out of business or the tipster vanishes, it is pretty tough to get back any money outlaid. It is also important to compare the stakes with cost of subscription. If you average $2 stakes and are paying $30 per month to a tipster, it’s not worth.

Measuring Success

Some tipsters may be quite smart in advertising their profits. Many creative methods exist with which figures can be dressed up and made appear appealing than they really are. For example, a statement like ‘$12,000 profit to $10 per point stakes’ seems very attractive. However, there may be a small print stating that the service operates on a 1-10 point scale and so, some bets will be returned to 10-point stakes i.e. $100 bets, some to $80 stakes and so on.

Ideally the service should make LSP or level stakes profit. Here, if you wager the same stake on each selection, it will give you a profit. But, it’s fine to use an advised stakes service as far as their range is comparatively tight, i.e. 1-3 or 1-5 points.

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