Top 5 Daily Fantasy Football Tips

While implementing a strategy for Fantasy Football, much of it is used up in selecting a winning “weekly” team. Also, the strategy applied is far different than for the year-long leagues. Here are some tips which will help you choose a winning team within salary cap leagues. However, they can be also applied to snake draft leagues.

1. Have Knowledge about Who is Injured

If you want to be really successful in fantasy football, it is important to have knowledge about who is injured. Firstly, if you choose an injured player for your lineup, you will be pushed for cash in any league. Second thing is, knowing about injured players will give you a great amount of information about how the team of injured players (and their rivals) will respond. Injuries play a major role in week to week fantasy football and you can use this information to become a successful daily fantasy player.

2. Search Bargain Picks

Sometimes daily fantasy sites are slow in updating players’ salaries, which make bargain players available. Find players what come back due to injuries or are lower on depth chart replacing injured players, or players who are heating up for only a few days but haven’t yet got their salary changed. You will normally need to include one or two bargains in your lineup so as to have money available to buy high end players who are strong from week to week.

3. Consider Weather Factor

Weather too can affect a player’s fantasy success every week, particularly at the season’s end when the northern weather can change to the worst. Generally the outdoor game with terrible weather (rainy, snowy or wet) will result in a more run based offense.

4. Know the System of Scoring

The system of scoring is similar on all daily fantasy sites, but they are not exactly the same. So, it is important that you should know the scoring system for the site on which you are playing so as to use it with the best of your knowledge of football to choose a winning team.

5. Don’t Rely Much on Coaches’ Comments

Coaches comment all through the week on players. They may want a particular player involved more in the receiving game or they may say that a questionable player is ready to go coming Sunday. Remember that they are not there to help you but are trying to win a game. So, their comments may be true or just be ‘games’manship!

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