Top 14 Tips on What to Consider for Winning in Horse Race Betting

If you have just started horse race betting, one thing you need to know primarily is picking winners is known as handicapping. This is more of an art than science and you have to use all your statistics and information. You should slowly become an improved handicapper, meaning you should learn how to bet on horses and win. Here are some tips.

1. Experience

First you should find out the experience of the horse you are considering to place wager on. Has s/he run well in races of equal distances as of today? If s/he has run and won, it’s a major plus for the horse.

2. Racetrack

The horse should also be able to handle the racetrack it will be running on. You should consider which of the track the horse loves the most, e.g. dirt, turf, synthetic and so on.

3. Shipping in to Run

To ship in to run means to come from other tracks. This can be important to consider because such horses are often trying harder to win since they incur an additional expense of shipping to a race.

4. Change in Distance

You should look at changes in distance as several prize winners do that. Also you should pay attention to closers stretching out and front runners shortening up.

5. Time Lapse between Races

Another thing to consider is the time duration between races. A break of 30 to 60 days is almost right. However, horse which had a gap of 90 days may require a race to get her/his peak fitness back. And if the horse has been away for over 180 days, s/he can hardly perform well. A horse, having a gap of more than 45 days but runs well, may be perfectly tightened up for the next race.

6. Over Raced Horses

Over raced horses hardly win. Find horses that had a combined total of not more than 13 starts for the last 2 years. A lightly raced horse is preferable to those who have been run in many races.

7. Morning Line Odds

Most winning horses are less than 20-1 morning line. Those with a high morning line hardly win.

horse racing

8. Losers may be Winners

It’s often seen that horses that were beaten come back to perform well in their forthcoming races. So, look for horses that were beaten favorites lately.

9. Previous Winners at High Odds

Winners at high odds are likely to repeat winning at high odds; so, look for horses that have won earlier at a price.

10. Fast Workouts

Often workouts can indicate fitness. Bullet work is the fastest workout in the morning at a specific distance. If your horse had a bullet work prior to the race, it means that s/he is ready.

11. Trainer with a Strong Win Percentage

As you see keenly at horses, trainers and jockeys too should be looked at well. Winning trainers normally continue with the winning trend, whereas losers keep losing.

12. Multiple Horses

If a trainer has multiple entries, it’s normally a good sign because s/he usually looks to win it.

13. Horses Changing Trainers

It is also true that horses that change trainers after a private sale or claim normally win immediately with their new trainer. So, pay attention to changes of trainer/barn.

14. Winning Pair

Has the pair of horse and jockey won previously? If that is the case, it means the jockey fits well with that horse. So, look for such a winning pair.

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