Top 10 Tips for Football Betting

Do you know how popular football and football betting is? Every season, more than $50 billion are wagered on football in the USA. But where does all the money go? Does it go to the bankroll of the average bettor? Certainly not! An average bettor, on the contrary, loses every year. If you are among them, do you want to learn something that will make you a little sharper than before while placing bets? Here are ten best football picks divulged by football betting experts who say that if bettors show a little patience and follow these football betting tips, they have the best chance to win.

1. Learn Money Management

This is the doubtlessly the most important factor of sports betting, but unfortunately it is also the most neglected factor. It is a very simple rule to remember, but perhaps the most difficult to follow – proper money management refers to ensure not to gamble more than you can afford to lose!

So, you will ask, how much you should bet on a game. The answer is, most experts with knowledge of football betting place wagers between 3% and 5% of their bankroll and slowly go on increasing the wager as they win and reducing when they lose. If, for example, you have a bankroll of $1000 for a certain season, you must usually bet not more than $50 per game.

2. Shop for the Best Numbers

The next important factor in football betting is shopping for the most favorable numbers. You can see more inconsistency in numbers at various sports books. For example, the NFL will possess very similar numbers at most betting shops you will visit. In college football, you will find varying lines at various sports books. The numbers are changed by these books as per their customers’ betting patterns, so, it’s not totally uncommon to see differences of two or three points in the lines.

3. Take Underdogs into Consideration

It’s easier to win on the underdogs in the long run. Most bettors choose to bet on the better team, because they are guaranteed to win. Here underdogs are naturally undervalued. However, there is actually no better sports bet than that placed on a home underdog. While at home, people play inspired ball. Slim underdogs frequently win out-and-out, whereas big underdogs usually find solutions to cover the spread and there are rare chances that they would give up before the home crowd.

4. There are No Locks

Experts say that you just watch sports for a month and you will realize that there is an infinitesimally small difference between winning and losing, particularly against the spread. A game will usually be completely turned around, in the NFL, by 1 or 2 plays or even by one single penalty. Endless number of situations can take place in a single game of football. So, there are no locks! The only ones that exist are those which require keys to open 😀

5. Choose the Right Time to Bet

Sharp and smart bettors tend to bet on underdogs, and more importantly, they tend to bet on them early. Squares normally bet later in the week and are likely to pick the favorites. It is great to place a bet as late as you can, where there would be a heavy action from squares on favorites, if you like a certain underdog. If you will be going with a favorite, it’s best to bet early in the week when sharps lay huge sum on the points. This formula doesn’t work for all the games, but it is normally a workable rule of thumb.

6. Skip Chasing Bets

Chasing your bets after a worst day of loss makes you mismanage your bankroll; so, avoid chasing your bets. It’s a dangerous practice of immediately trying to win your losses back. It is the biggest mistake done usually by amateur bettors that they increase their bets when they lose. When you are winning and are in a good rhythm, you may increase bets, but when you struggle, you should reduce the size of the bet till you come out of your slump.

7. Keep Away from Exotic Bets

For a very expert handicapper having a proven track record, a value in parlays exists at least in theory. One of the best football betting tips, according to experts, is betting on the over/under totals or point spread.

8. Concentrate on Conferences

The most surefire way to win in football betting is to create a niche and keenly follow it. If you turn to be an expert on a smaller conference, you get a good chance of beating the house, since sports bookies don’t have the resources or time for the conference in a way you are able to. The internet has a wealth of info; it depends on you to find it and study it daily.

9. Study Football Services

It’s an observation of most sports services that people signing up with them are insecure, experts warn. In an attempt to attract customers, many of these sports services claim about having scouts throughout the country who give them inside secret information and make promises of 70% to 80% winners. Bettors should consider touts who talk about the realistic winning percentages and long haul, which are in the range of upper 50% to lower 60%.

Even it’s perhaps good to ignore the advice from lots of ex-players and experts on football that are seen on TV every week. The players who babble on TV actually have no knowledge about sports betting. So, if you listen to them, you tend to lose. If you want a real useful advice, find a person or group having a proven track record like The other way is to research on your own.

10. Don’t Bring in Alcohol while Betting

What do you think about why Las Vegas casinos offer you free drinks? There’s a reason for that. Alcohol is infamous to blur your judgment and normally helps you to take rash decisions which you wouldn’t have taken otherwise. If you want to be a successful football bettor, keep away from alcohol at the time of betting to keep your mind clear. is a group of truly professional football bettors each one of whom puts in more than 60 hours in a week on handicapping, i.e. doing it for full time. If you are fed up of losing all the time, I advise you to join the club of Football Picks Only, because they are committed to help bettors like you. They aim at helping people to make real and life-changing money by betting on sports. (Pictures in this article are their courtesy.) Visit their Facebook page too.