Tips to Play the Interesting Game of Online Sakong

If you are planning to start gambling in Indonesia, starting with sakong may be a good idea. Sakong is one of the card games to be played with the playing cards just like you play poker cards. The difference is that every player is given 3 cards. The game consists of 8 people, of which 1 is a bookie and the other 7 are players.

Start with a Smallest Table

As a beginner, you’ll have to take help of an agen sakong onlin (online sakong agent) and you’ll have to be careful and find the smallest table to start with. With your limited ability, never choose a large table because it may bring you a big loss. Also, you should play patiently and don’t get carried away in emotions.

Try to analyse the game and always keep in mind to observe cards that are shared.

Understand the Value of Online Sakong Cards

As mentioned earlier, sakong is played with playing cards and each player will get 3 cards. The biggest cards are the 10 number cards and lowest are with 1 number. The King, Queen and Jack cards will be counted as 10 or 0 (zero) and the US card will be counted as 1 (except US Scop).

Sakong Rules

Every player gets the right to become a dealer if he qualifies to become a bookie. The player who gets the 10 value card gets a big fee which is twice the value of the bet. Players who get KKK cards will get thrice the value of the bet and if the player gets AAA card, he gets the jackpot (but should buy the jackpot first).

If the dealer gets cards of value of drawing cards, the winner will be the dealer himself. If a player wins against dealer, the latter should pay the player twice the value of the bet. Apart from the 10 value, the bookie should also pay twice or thrice if players get a card combination of the jackpot category.

So, what do you think? Have you started planning to play online sakong?