Three Major Casino Software Types

Online casinos have almost replaced brick and mortar casinos since they can be attended from the comfort of players’ own homes and offer a variety of games which players can play just at a few clicks and taps. However, to make an online casino so attractive and flawless, powerful software is necessary. These software types offer players the ability to safely and smoothly make deposits and withdrawals and play various games online.

There are three main types of software online casinos use, viz. standalone casino software, flash based casino software and mobile casino software. While flash-based and standalone casinos offer greater visual appeal and features, mobile casinos are more highly accessible when you are not at a computer. 2WinPower is a leading developer and distributor of software for online casinos, casino slots, turnkey iGaming business etc.

Here are the different types of online casino software types in detail.

1. Standalone Casino Software

This is one of the most robust and most popular types of casino software. Users can just go to the website of the casino, download and install and then login. The casino games provided by standalone casino software are typically more visually appealing than that offered by the other two types. Standalone software allows you to access the casino games without accessing your internet browser. Once you install it in your computer, you can open it even without the internet.

2. Flash-based Casino Software

Flash-based casino software, unlike standalone casino software, can be used without needing the player to download a casino. You just need an internet connection and browser that can display Flash media. Several online Flash casinos make use of Flash to enhance the availability of their games to players, who cannot or will not, download standalone software casinos. This software is the best for players who play on public or shared computers because they may not be allowed to download software to their computer.

Better visuals are offered by Flash casinos than mobile casinos, however the advanced functionality is lacking in them offered by standalone casinos.

3. Mobile Casino Software

This software is designed to be used on smartphones, tablets and other smaller gadgets that have an internet connection. It allows players to access casino games while on the go. While it is definitely convenient, it comes without the visual appeal offered by Flash-based and standalone software. It is also more vulnerable to break of connections due to wireless networks that can face disconnections and interference.

Your job is to find a casino that you can connect and play always without any hitches. So, find a casino with such smooth software to enjoy the play.