Texas Hold’em Poker Faces – A Poker Game App with Outstanding Features and Real Enjoyment

Are you fed up of all your poker apps because they don’t offer anything new? Seriously, if mobile apps start to have a typified formula, they soon become monotonous and boring. This has happened with the many poker apps that came in the market and soon had to walk out because of having the monotony. But now there is good news. Mike Brady has created an all new poker app, Texas Hold’em Poker Faces, which has a number of outstanding features and which is available for free to download from Google Play as well as Apple App market!

Texas Hold’em Poker Faces

Texas Hold’em Poker Faces is currently making some serious buzz in the gaming and entertainment world. This is a fun new game that lets you play for free and also play with real money. The creator of the app, Mike Brady, got inspired to create it because he was extremely dissatisfied with other poker apps available in the market. So, he created Texas Hold’em Poker Faces that has all those features he felt the others should have had. Texas Hold’em Poker Faces is live on Indiegogo. This game will surely entice you and keep you stuck to your mobile screen for hours.

Outstanding Features

  • Texas Holdem Poker Faces offers 500 poker chips to every player every four hours for free!
  • The game is also free. And it also offers an option to play with real money and real great awards.
  • The game is compliant with PC as well as mobile, so you can play it no matter whether you are at home or on the go.
  • Play the game through the app or from the website TexasHoldemPokerFaces.com and also from Facebook. And it’s also live on Indiegogo.
  • Offers you a thrill like that of a real exciting poker competition
  • Best app for sharpening your poker skills as you can play with poker players with countless expertise and skill levels from across the world

Future Plans

The creator of the game has many plans for the future. Some of them are:

  • 1,000 Free Players Poker Rooms and 1,000 Real Money Poker Rooms
  • Play Money Players where you can acquire in-app purchase like poker chips
  • Open Poker Rooms, Sit-N-Go Poker Rooms and Tournament Poker Rooms with different starting blind levels
  • In room chat for all poker rooms to allow you to chat with other players while playing

Visit the Indiegogo page of Texas Holdem Poker Faces to know how you can help them. So, you can hope to get a free or real money game in the form of Texas Holdem Poker Faces with real enjoyment.