Sure Bets – Be a Winner Always

Have you been gambling for last many years but haven’t been able to go beyond making some sparse wins? If you have been only a gambler and not an investor, now is the time to change the situation with something called sure bets! If you haven’t yet heard the term, you may wonder what the heck it is. Well, sure betting is also known as arbitrage betting inspired by the stock market term, and it ensures that you win, irrespective of what the result of the event on which you bet is.

What are Sure Bets?

Sure bets are a collection of bets that are to be placed on every result of an event, with different bookies. Because every result is supported by mathematical advantage, your profit is certain, irrespective of what the actual result is. At least, you are at no loss.

What are Surebet Shoulders?

Surebet shoulders are the bets comprised in the surebets. A surebet may not necessarily make profit for all its shoulders. You may want to set shoulders in such a way that they will give a better result under certain conditions.


You can use surebets for padding. This is to distribute your money pool in a way so as to give you the biggest winnings in certain outcomes and return the total amount of your bets on rest of the outcomes.

How Do Surebets Work?

Let’s assume that there are three outcomes, viz.:

  1. Team A wins
  2. Team B wins
  3. A draw

Till now, you have placed a bet on one of these and have kept hoping for luck that the outcome on which you have placed a bet becomes true. But if that doesn’t happen, you will lose and keep cursing your luck.

But this won’t happen anymore. In the new scenario, you will become wise enough to place bets on all these three outcomes. However, losing money is always a possibility because regardless of how much you bet, your won amount won’t cover the lost bets since bookmakers add a particular commission (margin, in other words) always to their odds.

However, this situation again can be overcome by the truth that there are numerous bookmakers and betting exchanges in the world and there are very rare chances for them to find the changes in the odds of each other. And here’s where surebet steps in.

By placing 3 bets with different bookmakers calculating their odds, you can ensure that your winning amount will not only cover your lost amount but will make profit on it or at least you can bet in such a way that you won’t be in a loss.

So, are you feeling elated now? The concept of sure bets will definitely make you confident of being an investor and not just a gambler. Learn sure bets at and be a winner always!