Spurs Vs Grizzlies – What will Happen Tonight?

Tonight there will be two potential closeout games in the NBA Playoffs, with the Milwaukee Bucks as well as Memphis Grizzlies trying to stretch their seasons with home wins over the Raptors and Spurs respectively. Can one of them or both pull it off?

Last night was a comparatively calm playoff night since both the home teams won their crucial Game Fives to push their series into the exact same situation. Both Atlanta and Chicago will have to win at home to extend the series to a deciding Game Seven, although the way they reached their respective 3-2 holes are hugely different. Probably the Bulls simply caught the C’s in an emotional low after the devastating demise of Isaiah Thomas’s sister in a car accident or maybe, Rajon Rondo indeed made the difference. In any way, Games Three, Four and Five hardly resembled the first two since Boston has obviously exerted control on this series. Washington and Atlanta has been just college ball – neither of them can win in the gym of the other (though Atlanta is not anywhere close to a collegiate environment).

Thus, who is going to stay alive tonight?

The NBA Pick of Today:

San Antonio Spurs-4 at Memphis Grizzlies

Give it a rest! This series was not expected to get this far, but courtesy to some true conflict from the Spurs in their Memphis games, San Antonio in fact had to win a pressure-packed Game Five at home to maintain control of this series. However, one of the gambler secrets is that over a big sample size, this specific matchup is a mismatch. 18 more games were won by the Spurs this season, in spite of throwing some of the style of “Coach Pop playing the JV”. +7.2 was their point differential, which was the best in the non-Warriors division of the NBA. Memphis was hardly even positive at +0.5. The Spurs were a magnificent 30-11 away from home. Memphis was indeed poor 24-17.

San Antonio is far, far, far better than Memphis.

Therefore, tonight they just have to remember to play the same way. In Games Three and Four they were embarrassed as Memphis not only outplayed them, but also outworked them. A different level of efforts is expected from them tonight. This excellent team knows Game Seven are playing rash, and also knows the value of some REST prior to a hard Houston matchup.

Let San Antonio come in and shut this thing in a workman-like veteran fashion!