Skin Arena – The Place to Raffle Your CS:GO Skins

Do you like CS:GO? Have you considered betting your skins to win more? If your answer is positive, let’s introduce you to Skin Arena. It’s a great place to bet CS:Go skins for those people who want to win more! Right now Raffle Jackpot and/or Coinflip are betting games available at Skin Arena. Ready to give it a try? Ready to win big? Visit Skin Arena,  join and play!

Behind the Skin Arena platform is a team of experts who are doing their best to provide users with an amazing betting experience. The team have worked on many successful projects long before establishing Skin Arena platform. Some of those project include League of Legends, Steam and similar famous ventures. Their main goal is to allow the community to be more than just “random users” of their website; users should help the team to make the platform even more satisfying for everyone. Below, I’ll try to explain you why your satisfaction is their number one priority, but first let’s take a closer look on how to start playing at Skin Arena!

So, once you make a decision to join the community and bet on Skin Arena, how to do it? First of all, click on “sign in through Steam” button on the top right and, well, sign in. By clicking “Play Now” you will load the inventory. After you select 5.00 or more, you are able to use “Deposit”.

The iconic game mode which has started everything is, by all means, Raffle Jackpot game. How does it work? The minimum deposit is, of course, 5.00, 20 skins are maximum per player and there need to be 80 skins or more per round. Once the necessary number of skins is entered, the game chooses and announces a winner. The one who wins receives a trade offer from Skin Arena team to collect their winnings. In a single round, each player is able to deposit more than once.

Coinflip is also an iconic game mode, but it’s duel style betting. Essentially, coinflip is a 1v1 game mode where every player has a fifty-fifty chance of winning. It is fast and entertaining enough, especially if you don’t want to wait for 80 skins to be uploaded. It’s a perfect game for those who need quick and fair betting opportunity!

For more information on how to play games, you can click on “How to Play” and read the Player’s guide.

Why bet at Skin Arena? Safety first! At this platform, the trade bots aren’t going to add you or ask you for your CS:GO skins. In order to be 100% safe, check whether your trade offer’s Security Code matches the code the Skin Arena team have given you. Furthermore, you want the betting site to be fair, don’t you? Every player who enters Skin Arena is provided transparency; all the odds are updated in real time. Also, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice gambler, the system this team have designed is rather user-friendly.

Why do the team want you to be satisfied? Skin Arena takes 10% in value of CS:GO skins from the total value of the pot size for each round. It’s in their best interest to have returning users, over and over again. That’s why at Skin Arena users come first and get high quality support. In case you need to reach the team, use the ticket system.

Finally, Skin Arena organizes a lot of giveaways! This means, you’ll be able to get even more from this betting experience! So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy CS:GO, skin your friends, try your luck and win big at Skin Arena!