Online Slots and Land-based Slots – Which One is Better?

Since the time when casinos were land-based only, slots are perhaps the most popular casino game. Their popularity never declined even with the advent of online casinos. On the contrary, online slots have become even more popular. Those who have played slots at land-based casinos know the reason for this. What’s the difference between land-based and online casinos? Let’s see. Also, we’ll find some interesting facts about online slots.

Slots in Land-based Casinos

You’ve been playing slot games at all the websites in the daftar slot online (online slot list) and now you come to a land-based casino and you are excited to play slot games there. However, although you comb through several slot machines, you don’t get that special game you’re looking for and for which you’ve left the comfort of your home, travelled hundred miles and spent loads of money to try that special machine in the flesh. You won’t find it. Then where is it?

When you play an online slot game in the comfort of your home, you may not realize that you have such a colorful world of online slots at your fingertips. It has numerous variations, plenty of options and hoards of wager amounts to choose from. In comparison, how is the land-based casino? Well, there’s no doubt that it’s fun to play. However, they can’t fill the house only with slots as they want to offer other games too to their clients. And even if they do that, they won’t be able to fit all the slots that we find online into their building space, as it’s just not possible, physically as well as financially. In short, land-based casinos can’t offer the variety in slot games that online casinos offer and you may not find the one at the land-based casino that has won your heart online.

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Slots in Online Casinos

In addition to the above-mentioned reason, there are many other reasons which make playing slots in online casinos much more appealing than playing them in land-based casinos.

Firstly while playing online you have a control over many things. E.g. you can control the sound and keep it just as you want. Also, you have control over the speed of the game and also over the betting amount.

Plus, as you are the only one playing, you don’t have to face the disturbance of other slot machines’ noise.

At a land-based casino, if someone is playing at the machine you want, you either need to wait or find another machine that you like less. While playing online, there is neither line nor waiting. You are free to play any game you like and as long as you wish. Even you can play flash slot games online which don’t have to be downloaded.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of online slots is the welcome bonus, free games, special promotions, bonus offers and many freebies which you don’t get at land-based casinos.

Slots in Online Casinos

Reel Slots and Video Slots

In olden times, slots were mechanical machines to which you had to feed a coin and pull a lever to activate. These machines were made of three reels with colorful symbols. Upon pulling the lever, these reels spun and stopped after some time. If upon stopping, they show only one type symbol on all the three reels, you won a certain amount. If they showed two similar types of symbols and one different, you won a lesser amount or nothing. A certain combination was set as the jackpot (big win). This would be the most exciting time for the winner with coins pouring out of the machine forming a big pile along with flashing lights and blowing sirens.

Reel Slot

With progress in technology, these machines became computerized and known as video slots and the lever has been replaced with a button, typically on a touchscreen. 3 reels have increased to 5 and the single payline has increased to as many as 40. Upon clicking the button, the virtual reels spin, but the outcome is determined by the RNG (Random Number Generator) programmed in the machine. Still, video games are a game of chance, only more attractive to look at and with many more paying options than reel slots.

Land-based Slots

Land-based Slots

If you enter a land-based casino in Macao or Las Vegas, you will find rows and rows of slot machines. But whether they are reel slots or video slots, they are called land-based slots. Video slots may look more attractive than reel slots, but the function of both is the same.

Land-based Slots

Online Slots

If now you start playing on a situs slot online Indonesia (Indonesian online slot site), for example, you will find only video slots. Since video slots are simply computerized slot machines, there would be no difference between land-based and online slots, except the fact that there would be many more of them in cyberspace than a Vegas space or Macau space. Therefore, online slots can offer you thousands of options which make your selection awesome and offer you unmatched convenience.

Pay Lines

In reel slots, the symbols on the three reels needed to be arranged in one horizontal line. Today’s video slots offer multiple paylines, even up to 40. When you play these slots, you need to enable every line in order so that you can win by paying for it. Thus if there are x number of lines, you can often pay up to x number of coins to enable all the paylines. But you can even enable fewer lines. However, this kind of slot machine typically pays the highest jackpot amount only if you enable the largest number of lines.

Pay Lines

Bonus Slots

Slot machines have upgraded much more than original slot machines and offer a slot game within a game, i.e. a bonus round. This is activated by lining up of certain symbols and offers you more money or free spins.

Multiplier Slots

If you have no problem with a bit more complexity, you should understand multipliers. There are two types of them – straight and bonus. A straight multiplier will pay you based on the number of coins you play, while a bonus multiplier tacks on an extra amount of money (bonus) if you play maximum number of coins.

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