My experience about RouleGENIUS Roulette software

In this article I don’t want to advertise any roulette software for winning at roulette – I want just to share my OWN experience seeing the fact that I lost lots of money for fake roulette softwares and hope you do not.

There were some months since I’d searched for a good way to win at roulette. I tried various systems and strategies from the web but none of them worked, that’s why I started to search for “softwares” that automatically gives predictions.

On the web are couple of softwares, most of them are fakes and give casual predictions: I bought about 15 softwares, like: roulette physics, “roulette number”, ux software, gold roulette software, roulette assault etc,  but NONE of them worked.  For some of them I spend 50-100$, for others 1000-2000$. POINTLESS, all are fakes and useless – and NONE of sellers want to REFUND my purchase, even if I had provided proofs that I got only losses with their softwares.

One of the last week I watch a video on youtube called: FROM €8 to €110 using GENIUS roulette software predictions (real money)

They didn’t show that they were using a software, but there was clearly impossible to play CASUALLY and get in only 7-8 minutes 110 EUR. That video really left me impressed, so I bought their software, called “RouleGENIUS Roulette software”( official website: )

ThRouleGenius Roulette softwaree most interesting thing is, differently to other softwares, Roulegenius roulette software guarantees you NO MORE than 4 consecutive losing spins. At beginning I could swear that it were a way to “attract” people, but once I tried it – I was speechless: I’m not joking! In the last week I did more than 200 spins and got only once 5 losses! Can you believe that? Not, for sure, I would not have believe too if I had not tried it…

Anyway they have also a free trial: you can give it a try without spending anything and see by yourself if the software really works. I saw on web a review about “roulegenius scam or not“?: that review put me in doubt about purchasing, but I decided to give it try and DON’T REGRET! It’s better to try on your own than “let you be conviced” but a fake review. Personally, I’m satisfied for purchasing RouleGENIUS SOFTWARE!

What about my winnings? In 1 week, starting from 500 EUR balance, I got 3000. I know, it’s not “a lot”, but it’s enough for a beginner like me who previously had ONLY losses at roulette!

RouleGenius Roulette software

One more reason why I’m doing this review is because I want to thanks RouleGENIUS Team and Assistants for their help and patience. I wrote them everyday and they never ignore me. I’ve never seen a better assistance that their one. Don’t believe? Go to and write them, you’ve nothing to lose 🙂

In conclusion, don’t search for 100% winning softwares for roulette – they DON’T EXIST! Search for a software that gives more winnings that losses, that one will be “the best” software: I’ve already found it and I’m totally satisfied of RouleGENIUS.

I’ll create a new post to share with you details and proofs that I’m really winning using RouleGENIUS Software.