Learn the Rules of Domino QQ and You’ll Enjoy Playing it

Domino QQ is a game that can appeal you if you are looking for something different than the routine life. It’s also known as Domino Indo or Qui Qui and is a type of poker that is extremely popular in Indonesia. It’s based on Pai Gow, a Chinese domino gambling game.

When you’ll start playing domino qq, you may find it only a little difficult, but once you get used to it, you’ll find it a lot of fun. You can find it at any bandar agen judi domino qq i.e. domino gambling dealer and start playing it. First get a thorough practice and then start playing with real money.

Rules of Domino QQ

Domino qq is played with 28 double-six dominoes. Unlike the ones in the US, the dominoes in Indonesia are typically small cards that are trashed after some time since they are soon worn out.

Generally, each player has to add a certain amount to the pot. It varies according to the place you are playing in and it could a high bet or a low one. Once all players put their bets in the pot, every player is dealt 3 dominoes. When all the players take a look at their dominoes, they can do 1 of 4 things. If there is no earlier better, they can bet and if it is, they can fold, raise or call.

If in the first round, only one player bets, he can take the winning pot without needing to show his hand. However, if there are multiple players, each one who didn’t fold will get dealt a 4th card. After that card is dealt, the final round will take place. Mostly, both rounds have a limit on betting, and the higher limit is for the second round. When the final round is over, all players who didn’t fold should show their hands. The player having the best or highest hand will win the pot.

Cards are arranged into pairs and the pips are put together and only the 2nd digit is considered. E.g. a total pip of 17 becomes 7 or that of 23 becomes 3. That being said, 9 is the highest pair. But 3 other hands can give you a higher score than a pair of 9s:

  1. Double – 4 dominoes with doubles
  2. Low – total pips on 4 dominoes equal to 9 or below
  3. High – total pips on 4 dominoes equal to 38 or higher

Another hand that is above non-special hands but below double 9s is a straight. Here all 4 dominoes have consecutive pips.

If 2 players get a straight or doubles, the one with higher double wins. If both have no doubles but a straight, the one with the higher straight wins.

If you find domino qq interesting enough, start playing it and you’ll enjoy it!