Learn about Various Football Betting Types and Increase Your Chances of Winning

If you want to become a good football bettor, win often and make a good earning, it’s recommended to know the very basic things first. Among all the other basic things, various types of betting are an interesting and important factor which you should understand in order to get the best football odds. Today, you can bet on literally anything in football. So, let’s learn about the different types of football betting.

1×2 Betting

1×2 betting is the commonest and simplest to understand type of bet. It is also called 90 minutes result. In this type, you should predict the full time result of the game correctly.

Half Time Result (HTR)

Just as the full time result (1×2 betting or 90-minute betting), there is a Half-time result too. As you can understand from the name, this is score predicted when the whistle goes. It includes first half injury time.

Double Chance

In Double Chance, you have three options, but the probability of outcome is much bigger. However, the odds are considerably lowered because various outcomes are grouped into duos.

Draw No Bet

This is a football wager which eliminates the option of draw from the available ones. If the game ends in a draw, your stake is retuned.

Correct Score

Today just like someone says “Good morning!” or “Would you like to have tea?”, a question has become very popular amongst Brits, and it is “What do you think about the scores tonight?” It’s indeed a fun challenge to guess the result of a football game. Online bookmakers offer you lot of options; you can even request some of them if you are unable to find someone or something you want to bet on.

Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

This is one more topmost bet in football, which is used as a base for several others and a variety of promotions too. You just have to select “Yes” or “No” and you get your bet settled, based on whether both teams can find the net prior to the final whistle.

Asian Handicap/Handicap

Handicap in football betting refers to an advantage given in advance to one of the sides and applies to the final outcome of the game. The normal handicap value for football is one, but on the internet you can also get alternative ones.

Asian handicap too gives an advantage to one of the sides beforehand, but in Asian handicap the draw is eliminated. One more difference is Asian HC may contain 2 values – one full and one half number.

Total Goals (Under/Over)

Total goals is also known as under/over. It is typically a two-option bet on if there will be more or less than quoted number of goals. Usually the bet is less or more than 2.5 goals but you will generally find several variations like 0.5, 1.5, 3.5 and 4.5. And this is at the end of the usual time. This is a much popular bet because of only two outcomes and normally it is possible to predict low and high scoring games, yet actually you don’t have a clue about the score.

Correct Score (CS)

CS is to predict the score at the closing stages of normal time. You have to be sure that you know things right because quotes will be like “Home Team Score – Away Team Score”. As there are several likely scorelines for a game so the odds can be much high but the chances of winning are low. Generally the bookmakers don’t offer competitive odds on this market like some other bets; thus though it’s a fun bet, it’s not a good investment always. However, sometimes certain results can be of value if you are well aware of the scoring habits of the teams.

Betting on Goals

Goals are things which make millions overjoyed or burst crying in stadium stands, bars and homes! Goals are the ones which come on the back page of newspapers and are shown in replays again and again. But goals become even more exciting when you bet on them online.

Goalscorers: Today leading bookmakers are full of goalscorer betting options which make you able to invest your money on plenty of bets.

For each outfield player, bookmakers offer prices, to open scoring, to seize the last goal or the game or to slot home any time in the game. Rationally, the shortest odds are given to strikers but you can try to hit always with backing some high-scoring defenders. Remember that own goals are not counted for those types of bets.

Next Goalscorer/Method/Time/Live: While betting live on any sporting event, bets can be placed that are connected strictly with the next goal. You can select only amongst players that are present at that moment on the ground and the odds will have influence of the trends of the game.

There are also some other types of live next goal bets. One is the method of scoring a goal. You can bet on if the goal will be scored from a penalty spot, with a header or with a shot. This type of bet is not available with every bookie.

Another is goal bands wherein you can bet on total number of goals scored. This may be of varied types like on only one team, both teams, the whole game or in one half.

One more is Scorecast/Wincast. They are perfect if you want to chase unconventional odds and want large profits. Scorecast is to predict about who the first goalscorer will be and correct score, while Wincast is to predict which player will score the first goal and also his team should win the game.

And still another is predicting the team that will score first, second and last.

Half Time (HT)/Full Time (FT)

This is also called “double result”. It is to predict the result in the same bet at half and full time.

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