Join Khallupz Tournaments

Have you heard about Khallupz? It’s an amazing perpetual online game you should definitely try! Become a member, compete against other Khallupz players in an ongoing tournament. This is a game of skill with very simple rules you’ll surely learn quickly. Here are things you should know before you join Khallupz Tournaments!

What is Khallupz? It’s an ancient game with two type of players: Finders and Seekers. If you’re a Finder you need to look for a single word in random text on a page and you have to mentally select something that’s called a “Finder Question”. While you’re laying down the text, as a Finder needs to tell “Find (the Finder Question)” to a Seeker. While you’re counting as fast as you can from 1, a seeker needs to scan the page for the “Finder Question”. Once he or she finds the spoken question, point it out and says “Khallupz”, you can stop counting.

In the web-based game of Khallupz, there’s a grid of possible answers instead of a page of text; the Finder starts a counter once the Seeker is being presented a round of questions. As soon as the Seeker completes the round of questions (each has 1 or 6 questions), the counter is stopped.

HSF0317The Finder Question can be a verse, a state capital, some definition etc. Depending on what the finder question refers to, there are different game types in Khallupz. In the area of the Finder Question, there’s a factual question and, in the Seeker grid, the only one answer is correct. Game modes you can choose are continuous, scramble, target and sprint. In continuous mode, there is a set number of random questions; on a single question a seeker cannot have more than two incorrect answers; 3 attempts and the round is over. Scramble mode has the answer choices that randomly change position in the grid and can be continuous, target or sprint games. Target mode is continuous; it presents the same question for several times. Sprint mode is non-continuous; the game is over after 1 correct or 3 incorrect attempts.

winners_0317If you’re a seeker, you obviously, need to find the correct answer, accurately and quickly, in the Seeker Grid. Since every seeker uses different equipment to play this game, Khallupz scoring model factors out machines processing and load times. You are given a life score, starting with 0, in every Khallupz Tournament; at the end of each round, the final counter value (plus total penalty attempts) divided by the number of questions you were presented in this round, adds up to your Life score in certain tournament. With the rules of each game type and mode, you’ll see the penalties for incorrect attempts.

All seekers are given a life score in every Tournament starting from zero. At the end of each completed Khallupz tournament round, the (final counter value + total attempts penalty) divided by (the number of questions presented during that round) is added to the Seeker’s Life score in that tournament. The penalty for each incorrect attempt is displayed with the rules of each game.

Before becoming a ranked player, you have 2 practice plays in every Khallupz Tournament. Ranking are based on accumulated seeker life scores divided by the number of games completed. The lower the number, the higher the ranking order.

khallupzSo, again, if you join Khallupz Tournament, you’ll be competing against other members. End Date winners and announcements can be seen in the Khallupz platform and/or in the Daily Ranking E-mail. Ongoing tournaments have different end dates. Based on the Reputation Score, every player gets Khallupz Tournament ranks. As a seeker you need to complete at least 30 new games before the next tournament end date if you want to win a prize. Right now anyone in the world can play but only 18+ United States residents can compete to win prizes in the tournaments. Prizes are paid by EFT to debit card or checking account.