Japanese Sports Betting – Things You Should Know

Japan is getting more and more interested in sports betting. Especially online betting is getting a lot of popularity in Japan. When you begin sports betting in Japan, you should get thorough information about football and other sports, latest matches, the most dominant teams, etc. In short, you should be in search of the best sports betting tips and once you find them, you should study them well, instead of starting randomly.

How to Get Paid for Sports Betting in Japan?

The fun of gambling is in winning and therefore any bettors are interested in getting paid. While betting on sports, you have to first deposit with the bookmaker and here there is a bit of hurdle when it comes to Japanese credit cards. It’s because Japanese banks block doubtful transactions, Japanese debit and credit cards are declined by many online betting sites. However, this issue can be overcome with the use of an e-wallet.

An e-wallet account can be opened online. Sometimes you may have to produce a local id like passport or driver’s license, or any such Japanese photo id. A utility bill copy may also have to be produced. If you don’t have that, you may have to submit your bank’s letter confirming your address.

E-wallet companies like NETELLER are reputable and support most leading Japanese banks and with an e-wallet like NETELLER, you can easily deposit on bookmakers’ sites.

NOTE: While opening an e-wallet account, keep in mind to choose transaction currency as Japanese Yen, because once you choose a currency, you cannot change it.

Betting Odds Format of Japan

There is nothing like a set betting odds format in Japan. Thus, like legit odd formats such as Indonesian Odds, American Odds, Hong Kong Odds etc, there is no Japanese Odds. To get accepted at all bookmakers, decimal odds is a popular odds format.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Japan?

The good news is betting on J-League football is legal in Japan. However, you should do it using the J-League Soccer Pools, also called Toto. Toto is a sports lottery that has horrible odds; still it has high payouts too. Other than Toto, other legal form of sports betting in Japan is races, including horse races, boat races and bicycle races. If you are interested to bet on other sports, you will have to go for a bit of less legal bookmakers from other countries that operate on the internet.

Betvertiser is a fantastic portal where you can get all sports betting tips in Japanese sports. Whether you are new to sports betting or experienced, this site is extremely useful to you for getting the latest updates.