Interesting Facts You Should Know about Online Slots

If you are a casual gambler, most probably you are a fan of online slots! If that’s true, it may also be true that you are very much interested to know how online slots work. If both these statements are true, you might be interested in reading the following information.

At the first glance, a slot machine may seem extremely simple. You click a button or pull the arm, the reels spin and the machine shows if you have won or lost. However, even a casual player is aware that there is something more than this. But what it exactly is, is unknown to many.

It becomes even more unclear when it comes to online slots. Here, there isn’t even the slight feeling of security that is offered by a physical presence – everything is digital. A lot of trust is expected from the user and may leave them wondering about how online slots work.

Random Number Generator

You may like to believe it or not, but most online slots work truly randomly, as close to really random as possible mathematically, due to the existing technological restrictions. This is true about their land-based cousins too. In spite of whatever apparently wary behavior you might have noticed from a slot machine, there are high chances that the slots were working of a random sequence.

This randomness is at the heart of all slot machines, and it’s basically built off of a RNG or random number generator. This RNG offers the basic values with which the outcomes of slots are created. Because of the complex inner system of a slot machine, it’s not easy to pull numbers from the random number generator, but that is in any case the base on which the gaming software relies.

For the less informed players, the RNG is a contended truth. After all, it denies our faiths about good/bad slots, winning/losing streaks and overall the ‘instinctive’ nature of gambling. Although sometimes-strange streaks can be present, like thousands of losses or multiple jackpots in a row, they still occur within the limits of random number generation. Although it’s mentally uneasy to accept, it’s absolutely true that all regulated slots are random.

Equations from the RNG

If we go deeper into the function of slot machines, the discussion may become tiringly technical. Instead we can think on what the computer does after it extracts numbers from the RNG.

In the earlier slot machines, mechanics had to create ingenious systems to enable their mechanical components to imitate a random outcome. In the modern day online slots like Tux Slots, everything is done by a computer. How?

The most basic explanation of this is that a simple arithmetic division determines the outcome of your online slot. The process is:

  • Collections of numbers are derived from the RNG
  • Next, the machine divides by a certain number (this is often a multiple of 32)
  • Next the equation’s remainder (the amount left over after dividing) is the value that indicates your outcome

This is quite easy math once you understand the first part.

Truly Random

It may be difficult to entirely believe the idea of random machine when all the mechanics are far away from where you are. So, why should you believe that the machines are random? Actually this is a simple fact of regards. Pay regards to the regulatory authorities that keep both online and land-based casinos in check. If a casino is caught to have rigged or non-random games, its license is taken away and it’s barred from doing business. A casino is hardly likely to put its reputation at stake just to cheat you for a few dollars.

Slot machines have already a very powerful house advantage only because of the math of their functionality; so, a casino doesn’t get any additional advantage by robbing you.

That doesn’t mean that there are no unfair slots. Rogue casinos do exist; but there are many legitimate casinos too like Tux Slots and you should play on them if you really want to enjoy playing slots.