Insurance on Multiple Bets by BWin – Bwin Protektor

Bwin is a popular sports betting branch of the world famous online gambling company Bwin.Party. Besides offering the best betting odds and providing a quality entertainment and fun to bettors, Bwin has proved that all bookmakers are not the same and are not looking only for their own profit. They proved this in 2014 by providing protection, The Bwin PROTEKTOR, to football fans. In addition to Bwin Gutschein 2016 (coupons), Bwin fans will also get a good protection.

What is Bwin Protektor?

Most people know about three way betting. However, there are still many more interesting offers through which you can earn the highest profit, if you apply right strategies. In such a scenario, Bwin offers Protektor to reduce the risk.

Multi bet is one of the most popular ways of betting. In this, there is a chance for you to for big wins at low stakes by betting on two or three different games. However, it comes for a higher risk. For example, you placed five bets of which only four win; in that case, only the one you lost, screws the total winnings and you lose the entire bet. This is very irritating. But with Bwin Protektor, you get insurance for your multiple betting.

How can You Get Bwin Protektor?

For getting Bwin Protektor, the following conditions apply:

  • The Protektor only applies to pre-game bets and not for live bets or live games.
  • The amount you can bet is unlimited, but the bets you can insure cannot be more than 5 of 6, i.e. one bet less than the total bets.
  • The cost contains stake added with the cost of the Protektor.
  • The more number of games you insure, the costlier will it be for you.

The Protektor works in three situations:

  1. If your guess is correct and all games conclude as desired, you will be paid the potential gains minus the costs of Protektor.
  2. If one or two of your guesses are incorrect, the Protektor comes into action and your stake is refunded along with the Protktor costs.
  3. If all your guesses are wrong, you lose your stake along with the Protektor costs. is an excellent website to find great Bwin coupons and deals. Don’t forget to refer to this portal before playing at Bwin.