Improve Your Odds at Roulette

Let’s face it, the majority of punters don’t follow any roulette strategy, but simply hand over their money and hope they’ll get lucky. Regardless of whether you want to play roulette inside a live setting or online, I’ll try to help you make a healthy profit and avoid some mistakes.

Before you place a bet, you need to understand the odds. Simply put, if you bet on many numbers, your chance of winning is higher. So, instead of dropping all your money on a specific number, opt for playing the outside or betting on multiple numbers.

Have you ever noticed players altering their bets based on whether they win or lose? These punters are probably following a specific betting system. There are tons of different betting systems out there and you’ll always hear someone swearing by some of them. Make sure you don’t jump on one just because it works for some random punter! No matter what you’ve read on the internet, there’s no betting system that has ever been proven to work; in most cases, these systems are useless and unworkable.

Do some numbers pop up more than others? This might be true for casino or live betting, because there have been some massive wins because wheels were not perfectly flat and/or allowed the ball to land on specific numbers. Nevertheless, online roulette wheel doesn’t use physics, but a random number generator to determine the outcome of each spin. Don’t waste your time to discover some bias in an online game. Talking about online casinos, how to find the one that’s legitimate, honest and trustworthy? Choose the web places with a strong history of paying happy winners or the ones offering live feeds from casinos you trust. For example, check out Casino Royal Dragon with live feeds from casinos in Dublin, Ireland.

Finally, never forget that a casino isn’t a charity. It doesn’t matter what casino you choose to play at, the house will always have an edge.