Important Tips for Successful Sports Betting

You might be new to sports betting or have spent some years in it, your ultimate goal is to have fun as well as make money. In order to make money, you should obviously get better by studying consistently, keep eyes open to what is happening and applying strategies. The knowledge of Best Sports Betting Sites in 2015 is also helpful because you can choose your best sportsbooks according to that knowledge and can increase your chances of winning. Here are a few important things to consider.

Steady Unit Size

Ensure that you don’t exaggerate to a recent streak. Real great systems will ultimately win in the long run; therefore ensure that you maintain a steady unit size while betting. Almost all the betting experts advise to bet between 2% and 5% of your bankroll on each of the games, based on how aggressive you are. Fight the temptation to increase your bankroll with a winning streak, apply a flat gambling strategy and you will come near the lasting gains.

Go Offbeat

Take benefit of purposefully shaded lines according to the latest trends. Don’t pay attention to small statistics e.g. Team A is 5-1 in their past 6 night games opposite divisional foes. Bettors are recommended to go always against the grain, like:

  • Taking teams after a loss (particularly a blowout)
  • Placing bets against the public
  • Keep away from betting teams in games that are “must-wins”

Be Careful of Handicappers who Sell Only Picks

Some handicappers promote winning percentage which is unrealistic without documentation regarding their earlier performance. It is important to identify good handicappers who are transparent and have the best past record.

A few other handicappers don’t consider the price of their picks in relation to bet size. So, instead of betting $50 per game, buying a long-term membership is better, as you only have to bet a much smaller amount per game.

Place Your Bets Based on Solid Facts and Analysis

For winning, you should not depend on your gut feel, but on solid facts and analysis, to the extent of placing your hand over each team’s name before betting to eliminate the chances of any biases.

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