Helpful Tips for Having the Upper Hand Most of the Times at Casinos

While visiting a casino, almost everyone dreams of winning a jackpot while others may simply think of a fun night out.

Whatever your thought behind visiting a casino is, there is no harm in having a few tips and tricks at hand to make the visit fruitful.

Some people are seen to win big at casinos like the one on Ovo Casino, while others aren’t. In the long run, casinos win because the games are designed that way.

So, isn’t there any possibility for you to win? Yes, there is. Every casino game has various small strategic maneuvers that can be used to improve your game.

Here are some such tips.

Tips for Playing Slots

It’s a universal truth that slots are by far the most popular casino game. The reason for this also may be its simple mechanism – just push a button and win or lose!

Slots are not only the favorites of players but of casinos too because casinos make most money from slots. Out of the total earning of casinos, around 70% or more comes from slots.

slots are popular

How do Casinos Earn from Slots?

The house advantage on slots can differ from casino to casino, but it’s typically around 10%.

Playing on slots is sheer luck for players unlike skill games like poker and blackjack. With slots, a computer program known as RNG or random number generator determines the outcome. The number combination is generated the moment you hit the spin button and what symbols will be shown is determined along with whether you will win or lose.

While there is no strategy to win on slots, there are some tips to follow.

Slots Strategies

Play on a Fixed Maximum Payout Machine

The reason for this is that the chance of winning increases with a fixed maximum payout slot machine as opposed to the one with progressive jackpots.

Since there are more number of players playing for a huge jackpot, your chances of winning a progressive jackpot are lower.

Stay Away from Video Reels

Video reels pay back way less than normal machines, i.e. anything up to a 5% less return.

Select Games with the Smallest Jackpots

The smaller the jackpot, the simpler it is to win, and your chances are increased of walking away as a winner.

table game strategies

Tips for Playing Table Games

While heading towards a casino, it’s important to remember that you will lose a few games, irrespective of how good or experienced you are as odds are stacked in favour of the casino.

Also it’s important to carry cash only you can afford to lose and not more. Once your cash is over, leave!

Table Games Strategies

Keep an Eye on Time

Have you noticed that in real casinos there are not clocks on walls or anywhere? It’s because casinos want you to miss tracking time and play as long as possible. Some casinos even forbid dealers from wearing watches for this same reason. In such a situation, you should keep an eye on time and once you win some money, you should leave.

Never Play Keno

If your aim in visiting a casino is to win, better you stay away from Keno since you have almost no chances of winning. Any player has never matched all 20 numbers on a 20-spot ticket and hence there is absolutely tough to make a return.

Don’t Take Your Eyes Off the Prize

Don’t let your eyes chase the bikini-clad dealers in a casino and away from the prize. Casinos with beautiful women and free alcohol are seemingly Vegas-inspired, but in most cases, they double the house edge. Better you choose an honest casino from Ovo Casino.

Practise these tips to become used to the casino environment and have the upper hand most of the times though not always, and that will give you the real pleasure of casino gambling.