Football Betting Tips

football bettingWould you like to beat your football bookies? Since your answer is undoubtedly yes, you need to know fundamentals of football betting in order to achieve this. So, how to bet and what to bet are the questions. Well, we’re try to help you! Before you embark on football betting, you need to consider several important factors.

First of all, you can check some recent match reports and home and away statistics. For example, you might realize that some teams play better away, others at home ground. You can check the history between the two football clubs, especially home and away history. It’s surprising how the history repeats in some games season after season. Schedule plays an important role, too. If the team has played many games in recent days, they could be tired.

Motivation of the team is also crucial for predicting the match results, especially when the end of the football season is near. Does the team needs points? Are they interested in the domestic cup?

In football betting, it’s crucial to stay focused on competitions that you are very familiar with. You can bet on, for example, Italy Serie A, if you are an expert in that field. On the other hand, if you are not really interested in England Premier League, you will have less knowledge about players and teams and your chances to win will be lower. Since quality precedes quantity, it’s better not to bet everyday. Instead, bet only when you feel like you are going to win!