Fantastic Tips to Play and Win at Bitcoin Casino Slot Games

One of the most popular games in gambling is slots and in case of bitcoin casinos too it is true. Slots are popular for many reasons including their ease of gameplay and amazing nature of their payouts. Unlike several other bets and games in bitcoin casinos, that usually provide 1 to 1 payouts, slots provide the potential of hitting a jackpot. Jackpots offer a huge percentage of your original bet, thereby turning your small wager into a huge win. Bitcoin slots are available in various games with the same rules as regular slots but have more number of entertainment options to place your bets.

Slots are simple to bet on: you just choose your bet and spin the wheel. You can see odds or your percentage to win placed on them can be considerably disadvantageous. Since they are some of the worst odds to bet on at bitcoin casinos, they should be played with great care to bring the odds against you down. This will maximize your odds of winning overall. You can apply the following strategies to raise your chances of winning and winning big.

Aim for a Progressive Jackpot

If you decide to pay slots, but not only for fun, aim to win a progressive jackpot. This is the biggest payout bitcoin casinos offer on a wager in terms of percentage. The odds are highly favorable for the casino in progressive slots, but when there is a winning, it’s huge which is alluring for the players.

The odds of winning for the players are lowered so that the casino can afford to pay out the jackpot when a player wins it. With such a big amount to be paid out as compared to the bet, lower payout odds are required for a bitcoin casino to be able to offer progressive jackpots.

Other Strategies

  • Understand the payouts offered. Often a bitcoin casino will on its own provide information on how many times a slot machine should payout based on the algorithm it runs on. The higher the payout percentage, the better will it be for you. Be sure you do some research on what the payout of your bitcoin casino slot is exactly before choosing your game.
  • Don’t get excited by the various games and the small intricacies they offer. Simply your love for Egypt and Pharaohs cannot be the reason to play that game. If you are just after fun, choose any game you find attractive; otherwise adhere to only the one that offers the best payout odds.

If you remember these tips, you’ll find playing at bitcoin casinos far easier than you thought of and then you’ll really enjoy it.