DraftKings Promo Code – A Great Chance of Winning Big

DraftKings is one of the two big giants in the field of fantasy sports, the other being FanDuel. Between the two as well as of all, however, DraftKings offers widest diversity of sports and largest and guaranteed prize pools. You might have seen their ads while watching your favorite football or baseball team on ESPN. Yes, they are offering DraftKings Promo Code for 2015, with which you will be getting increased chances to win, along with a 100% bonus on a first deposit of up to $600.


DraftKings is at present the second biggest provider of daily fantasy sports. Resident of most of the US cities and Canada can take benefit of this website.

Flexible and Responsive

DraftKings is believed to be one of the most flexible and responsive platforms in DSF industry. You have many options to access the platform, like:

Browser-based: The company’s main page offers the most comprehensive experience of DraftKings. Most browsers are supported by them.

Mobile: The in-house mobile app of DraftKings is available for all iOS (7.0 or above) and Android devices.

Which Games can You Participate In?

An extensive array of game formats is offered by DraftKings. Eight major sports are offered here:

  1. NFL
  2. NHL
  3. MLB
  4. NBA
  5. College football
  6. Soccer
  7. College basketball
  8. PGA

The various formats include:

Qualifiers: Perfect for those who have a limited budget. Qualifiers offer rewards to top finisher(s) in the form of a ticket to a bigger event

Guaranteed Prize Pools: Players have to pay a fixed entry fee to compete for a share into a set prize pool. Regardless of if they fill up or not, GPPs run.

50/50: Guaranteed matches where the investment is almost doubled by the field’s top half. This is excellent for beginners.

Head-to-head: Pits two players against each other and the winner gets the full prize pool.

Multipliers: These are high variance matches that offer a prize equal to a small percentage of the field.

Leagues: Players can either create their own new leagues or join one of the existing leagues. The size of the league can be anywhere from 3 players to 50 players, with smaller variations adopting a format of Winner Take All and top 3 to 5 players will be paid out by bigger leagues.

Steps: The reward to winning Steps matches is normally not monetary; however, they are the best ways to parlay a little investment to a lot more.

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