Betting in Europe – How to Be Sure Betting Sites are Legitimate?

Online betting with top sports betting bonuses is the fastest developing segment of the European gambling industry. The most popular betting sites in Europe are focused primarily on sports that are played and loved across the continent, while the localized websites provide coverage of national sporting events and leagues. The most popular sport in Europe is certainly (European) football (or soccer), but tennis, basketball, snooker, rugby, hockey and darts are covered too. But, how to be sure the size you’re betting at is legitimate? We’ll try to help you.

The fast growing number of European betting websites makes it very important to ensure the ones you pick are legitimate and safe. Furthermore, bet only if they accept deposits in the currency you choose.

Across Europe, there’s a large number of brands that offer sports betting. Nevertheless, there’s no European body that would regulate and license betting websites that operate in EU. Instead, each country licenses and regulates betting sites that operate in it; each country has its own governing bodies responsible for this. For instance, in Spain and Germany, online betting sites are regulated at the local and state levels, the Dutch Gaming Authority regulates websites in Netherlands etc. Obviously, the European Union should do something about this topic, but right now, we have to deal with the situation we’ve got. Even though having a license isn’t a guarantee that an online betting place will act right, sites that aren’t licensed should be always used with caution.

In general, it is highly recommended to choose a betting website with a long track record of ethical conduct and success. The best and biggest brands apparently earned their stripes working hard and being devoted to their service and clients. On the other hand, an unethical operator usually don’t stay in business.

A good rule is to look into brand’s gambling policies and customer service. If a customer service group cannot be reached easily, it might be a good idea to avoid certain betting website. It is especially important to reach them when you have some problems or questions regarding a withdrawal or deposit.