Basic Info on Rakeback

Many people hear about rakeback, but they are not really sure about its meaning. Are you among them? If your answer is yes, you are at the right place! Keep on reading to find out what you can get with the rakeback poker promotional bonuses!

First of all, if you want to understand the meaning of rakeback, it’s necessary to understand the way poker rooms earn their funds or their revenue in online poker. Whether it’s a cash game or a tournament, each poker room takes some part of a buy-in fee. Usually, a poker room takes approximately 5% of the revenue from every pot in a game. This fee is called the rake and most players don’t even notice it. This is how poker rooms actually make large sums of money.

In the world of online casinos, rakeback is a rather new concept. Lately, it has even turned into an enticing promotional scheme; once you sign up for rakeback on your favorite online poker site, you will receive a percentage of the rake which is generated by the chosen poker room. For that reason, this process is known as a rakeback process. Commonly, the rakeback figure is not 100%, but 30%. Although 30% of the 5% amount generated by a poker room doesn’t seem to be a significant figure, in the long run, it may turn to be a big amount. Professional poker players make significant sum from rakeback alone, not to mention the profits they make while actually winning at poker.

Finally, it’s good to know that rakeback is not something everyone knows about. Experienced players are aware of the fact that most poker sites won’t promote or advertise their rakeback schemes to the gamers to register with them directly. Also, in Europe, rakeback deals are not so common anymore, but newer poker rooms have rakeback promotions.