BallStreet Trading – A Definite Way to Trade Win Probability for Sports and Entertainment Events

Have you ever felt that your experience of watching a sports event is passive? Do you feel often locked with your decision you made before even the start of the game when your favorite team is down? Do you become bored and quit the channel after a disappointing start by your team? Not anymore! BallStreet Trading, Inc. has come up with a revolutionary solution to the traditional non-profitable gambling.

What is BallStreet Trading?

BALLSTREET   Trading or BST is a system in which you can compete against other players and trade win probability while the event is going on and day trade shares of various outcomes. This has been a huge trending aspect for ESPN and all sport analytical fans. The major benefit it offers against the classic or daily fantasy sports is that your decisions are not locked before the beginning of the event. You are free to trade in any time from the opening bell of the event to the final buzzer. This means that you can first review how the play is going on and bet on an outcome which you can obviously see that will take place. This increases your chances of winning by many times leaving you happy and excited, unlike in fantasy or any real life event where you are unsure about the outcome and so are stressed and bored.

How does BST Work?

BST offers you a facility to trade shares of your favorite event in real time. This is a mobile based system which is very easy and intuitive. You have to enter contests and using virtual currency in BST’s tournament format compete with other players for the best trading scores (P&L). As you will compete against other participants like you via their trading score, BST can be legally known as a skill-based activity by its P2P competition. Now you can consider sports events as not sports events but poker, as you will compete against each other.


Control Over Your Decisions: The live trading exchange of BST offers users absolute control over their decisions by playing alongside the event, as they are not locked by taking pre-event decisions.

Simplicity: Prediction trading markets are infamous for catering only sophisticated users. However, BST has created a simple version of market experience so that anyone can participate in it.

Market Unfolding with the Event: As players are watching the event live and competing, the market will depend on the likeliness of outcome. The more the likeliness of an outcome, the more buyers will enter the market, thereby pushing the price up. For the less likely outcomes, there would be more sellers pushing the market lower.

Playing for Real Money: Free as well as subscription-based membership is offered by BST.

Free Trading: Non-money leagues can be created by players due to free trading offered by BST as well as private games against friends along the lines of classic fantasy. Due to this, BST can reach a larger audience gaining potential ad revenue by optimizing natural breaks in the event like innings, halftime etc.

Subscription-based Trading: With paid memberships, players can trade and compete against other players in the real money contests every week.

The real money contests will have payouts of flat 20% i.e. 1 in 5 as the focus of BST is to create more winners, winning more number of times, winning more money.

The first real money contest during the MASTER TOURNAMENT will be launched in April 2017.

BallStreet Trading Payout

Win Probability

Win probability is the chance of a team to win a game, provided there are specific combinations of conditions including time remained, score, present situations etc. Win probability depends on the existing market opinion of the sellers and buyers for the likelihood of a particular team to win the game.

Price Movement

The moving of prices depends solely on the buying and selling participants of the market. BST doesn’t have any stake in the pricing, game or outcome. Therefore prices will solely be the perception of the final outcome of the event of all users that will give rise to price movements. No direct correlation to the event exists. Remember that you are trading against other users and not against the event or market makers.

How do You Win?

Well, this is the most important factor everyone is interested in. Every player will get a full access to the schedule of events for the weekly contests that will be announced by BST. You can trade and compete in individual games so as to score as highest trading P&L as possible.

For the weekly leaderboard and prize pool eligibility, SUM of the top two P&Ls from the events of the week will be checked by BST. For example, if a player trades in 5 events, his two highest P&L scores will be used to compare on the weekly leaderboard. If they are better than 20% of the field, the player will be declared a winner.

Scaling Beyond Major Sports and Entertainment Events

BST software is looking forward to scaling beyond all major sports and entertainment events like reality TV shows, E-Sport live gaming and other pop culture events with single outcomes like Grammy Awards, Oscars etc. The creators of BST aim to offer a market experience for everyone while they watch live events. This will allow them to embrace entire demographic for women as well as men, no matter whether they are sports fans or not. Thus, now rather than just watching and tweeting about an event, everyone can actually participate in it by playing in real time, because of BST.

A major shift is being seen in the legal appetite and sports gambling legislation. It’s believed that within a period of five years, a remarkable number of states will adopt laws which will allow sports gambling. In that case, BST being a unique platform will be a perfect fit to cater sports gambling by providing real time gaming in the most transparent and interactive manner. There would be no reason for anyone to bet against an event’s house before it begins when they can bet during the game’s progress against other players in real time.

BST is available in the Google Play as well as App Store. So, register and open a definite way towards winnings!

BST day trade in real time