Are the Golden State Warriors Pulling Away In the Sportsbook?

The Golden State Warriors’ dominance so far in the 2015-16 NBA season has been stunning for the lack of a better word. The Warriors have won their first twenty games of the season and could legitimately best the 72-10 record that the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls held.

Still, the Warriors are not necessarily running away with the odds to win the NBA title at SBG Global. The competition is still far too strong as the San Antonio Spurs and Cleveland Cavaliers have been getting closer to the Warriors throughout the year as they are trying to reach the top and unseat the Warriors to win it big this coming year.

The Warriors have +150 odds to win the 2016 title. They also hold -110 odds to win the Western Conference championship.

Meanwhile, the Cavaliers have +260 odds to win the title while the Spurs have +550 odds. The Spurs also have +250 odds to win in the West.

What Makes the Warriors Big

The Golden State Warriors have about 115 points per game so far, thus making the team the most proficient in the NBA. The team has successfully managed triple-digit scores in every single game it has played in this year.

With 32 points per game, Stephen Curry has become the most indomitable force in the NBA this year. He also has six assists and about two steals per game.

Curry does have more than enough help though as Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes have also been strong performers in Oakland this year. Injuries concerns for center Andrew Bogut have been around for a bit but Festus Ezeli has been a strong replacement for a part of the season as the Nigerian-born second-year player has been a big rebounding presence.

Competition is Tough

The Spurs and Cavaliers are clearly the best challengers to the Warriors at this point in the season. The Spurs have particularly started out strong with a 16-4 record. They and the Warriors are the only two teams in the West with a record of .600 or greater.

There have been worries about what the Spurs will do when Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili inevitable retire. However, Kawhi Leonard has been a popular star for the team in recent time while LaMarcus Aldridge has been a big addition from Portland this year.

The Cavaliers have a 13-5 record and are outrunning Chicago, Indiana and Miami in the East. LeBron James is clearly motivated to win not only for his hometown but to also keep himself from losing his advantage of being the top player in the entire game. James has 25.6 points per game and has gotten some legitimate assistance from Kevin Love and Mo Williams this season.

The dominance of the Golden State Warriors has helped the team to certainly become a favorite to win the NBA title. Of course, there is still three-quarters of the season left to go and it would pretty much be impossible for the Warriors to win every single game. However, that 70-win plateau could be in reach for the team depending on what happens this year.