7 Surefire Tips to Win on Sports Betting

Everyone who bets on sports, dreams of making big wins; but not everyone knows how to do that. The fact is that to win in sports betting, you should be extremely disciplined and strategic. Your winning is not actually a game of chance, though it seems so. If you learn a few things, organize yourself, keep your mind open and develop a proper strategy, your dream of becoming rich on sports betting can come true. Betting experts at bestbettingwebsites.org.uk share their expertise gained through years of experience, here for our readers.

1. Managing Your Bankroll

You might have read a hundred and one times that you should manage your bankroll not only for winning, but also for not going into a loss at least; but, might have not yet understood how to do that. If that is the case and you are just continuing with the same old episodes of losing, putting more money on stake, again losing, occasionally winning, again trying your luck and losing everything at last, you are just living in a fool’s paradise that someday you will land into a lot of cash. The fact is you have to learn money management.

It’s not hard as you have thought of it. Set aside a certain amount for betting and bet only with that amount, not more! That’s it. This amount is said to be “bankroll”. You have the right to lose this amount and only this amount. You cannot afford to lose more than this. You can set an amount for a week, a month, or even a season.

A general strategy is put only 1% to 5% of your bankroll at stakes. Say, you set £1,000 aside for the NFL season, you would bet £10 to £50 on every NFL game that you want to bet on. Here the most important rule you should remember is that not to increase your bets if you lose. Sports bettors commonly make this mistake. This is a totally wrong mindset and usually results into bringing even more loss. So, bet according to the size of your bankroll and increase the bets slowly over the length of your give time period.

2. Be Sober

This may seem a needless advice to you; but gambling is by far a game of psychology and people often need the support of alcohol, while they may feel otherwise in the beginning. To add to it some casinos offer free drinks to their clients because they know that when you are under influence, you are likely to lose more. However, while playing online you should absolutely control yourself and bear in mind that drinking is killing your own decision-making ability.

3. Never Let Your Emotions Take Over You

As mentioned earlier, gambling is a game of psychology and your emotions may play a huge role in your decisions. So, beware! If you are upset with a bet or two that you lost, stop betting. Take a break. Go for a walk, drink a cup of coffee, watch TV or do whatever you can to calm down that upset or annoyed state of mind (except having a hard drink). When you are sure that you are not annoyed or upset anymore, only then return back. Otherwise call it a day.

4. Do Your Research

When you plan to get into sports betting, one of the most important strategies is to make a thorough research. Though trusting your inner voice may work sometimes, it doesn’t work always, at least not in all cases; otherwise, there wouldn’t have been a thing called betting strategy! I am afraid, you will have to do a lot of hard work, if you want to become a serious bettor! If you just want to play casually, once a month or two, presuming that you will lose 4 times out of 5, it’s okay that you don’t do any homework.

What research should you do? Carefully study all the stats and trends. Create a system and keep entering figures into it for every season. Analyze earlier games. Find strong, weak and medium players, teams and leagues. In short, observe everything keenly and do everything to ensure before placing a wager that your pick has a value.

5. Shop for the Best Lines

If you want to become a winning bettor, it’s very important to shop for the best lines. This refers to opening accounts with some selected bookmakers and when are about to make a wager on a specific team or outcome, checking a variety of bookmakers and comparing between them as to who is offering you the best line. Say, for example, you are planning to place a wager on a 7 point spread on the New England Patriots, you should check at least a couple of bookmakers to see whether any of them is offering 6.5 points for the Patriots or at least see the best price that you can have them at 7 points. Throughout the season, you can earn a lot of cash from shopping the lines that would not be otherwise. Line shopping is certainly one of the most awesome betting strategies that winning bettors use.

6. Never Buy Points

Save yourself from getting into ‘square’ tendencies like buying underdogs up or favorites down. E.g. some punters always need to buy an underdog from +2.5 to +3.5. The bookies are clever enough to charge more for this. Thus it is a mathematically bad strategy. The same is true for buying an NFL favorite of -3.5 down to -2.5. This doesn’t work in 99% cases, so is highly inadvisable.

7. Some More Tips

The above 6 are the most basic and important sports betting winning strategies; but there are some minor ones too which can make you a big profit.

One is following a sports handicapper known to use an established system. You may have to pay to get a pick, but you can be at a profit if you are making a big wager, because you will get it back in the form an additional amount. However you should be very careful in order to save yourself from scammers.

Other tip is to bet on home underdogs. Here the theory is teams are more prone to win while playing at home.

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