5 Safety Rules to Follow while Gambling in Indonesia

Because of the religious beliefs, gambling is illegal in Indonesia. However, everyone like many people around the world, loves gambling and try to find ways to access their favorite pastime. True to the rule of supply as per demand, several underground sports betting rings and gambling arcades have thrived all through the country, especially in major cities.

But you have to be careful because if you are caught while gambling, you may incur harsh punishments. So, what can you do stay safe while gambling online in Indonesia? Here are a few tips.

1. Find a Good Gambling Agent Site

Firstly, you’ll have to find a good online gambling agent site like agen sakongkiu online. They promote sites that are safe, easy to play, have a lot of fun games and are prompt in payments. Playing on sites that are promoted on these agent can give you the desired peace of mind.

2. Use a Proxy Server

Whether you play in a casino or at home on the internet, playing in Indonesia is risky and punishment is same in both the cases. In such a condition, it’s better to use a proxy server while playing on international betting sites that accept Indonesian players.

3. Use an Underground Internet Café

This option is not totally risk-free but is popular among local players. Underground internet cafés enable players to access online gambling because it’s not traceable back to your home computer. However, there is always a risk of police raids.

4. International Gambling Sites

International betting sites don’t come under the jurisdiction of Indonesian government and hence their owners cannot be arrested. They allow Indonesian players to download full games and play them.

5. Beware of Illegal Gambling Gangs

There are illegal gambling gangs and you should beware of them, for which online gambling is perfect. These gangs often have fixed games. Fixed games can lead to players being compelled to pay money by using violence.

Playing Indonesian gambling games is extremely fun. But you also have to be very careful so as to avoid being caught while playing illegally. Pay attention to avoid any hitches while playing that can lead to imprisonment. Choose a reliable online casino and follow the above safety rules so that you can enjoy Indonesian gambling to your heart’s content.