5 Important Tips for a Smooth Crypto-Currency Gambling Experience

Betting with crypto-currencies like litecoin, bitcoin and ethereum can actually be more convenient and easier than gambling with traditional currencies. However, if you aren’t careful, you can have a lot of headaches. Here are tips which will help you be safe and win in gambling.

1. Use a Leading Brand


It’s a fact that people prefer to buy from brands like Apple and Ford to unproven brands. The reason for this is that these brands have been established with a proven track record of providing excellent customer service and other services.

In crypto-currency gambling too, you should apply the same principle. Stick to brands that are well-established and have a great track record for providing high-quality services. ZCash.io is such a reliable, well-established, high quality and provably fair site that has features like lower transaction fees and quicker deposit times.


2. Two-factor Authentication


Two-factor authentication is convenient and keeps your account safe rather than losing your money to hackers. Obviously, you should activate it and keep your funds in your hands, so that you can bet with them whenever you wish.


3. Do Your Homework


Do you buy a car without checking its features like safety ratings and gas mileage? No! So, how can you choose a crypto-currency betting site without checking its ability and history to pay its members and provide just the games you want?

Also, your research should not end once you start using the gambling site. Doing test withdrawals by making a very small initial deposit can offer you an idea of how prompt the site is in paying its players and whether it is worth doing a long-term business with.


4. Look for a Strong Support


If a crypto-currency gambling website doesn’t respond promptly to your queries, it’s obvious that they don’t bother much with their clients. You can know about a particular site from a number of crypto-currency gambling forums where you will find honest reviews from other players. You can test the site’s customer support system by submitting a ticket and checking the time it takes to respond. If they take more than a day, probably the site is not worth your time or money.


5. Never Leave Money on Exchanges


Crypto-currency exchanges are fantastic for helping a player to transform traditional currency to crypto which they can bet with without facing any legal issue. However, you should remember that exchange sites are frequent targets for hackers and so, you should not leave your hard-earned money there. It’s, therefore, best to move your funds immediately from exchanges to where you need them.

Following these tips will give you a smooth gambling experience and a great peace of mind and you can enjoy winning.