4 Types of Bonus Features on Slots that can Maximize Your Winning and Fun

Slot being one of the most popular among casino games, should be studied to a maximum extent and its details should be understood. Especially everything about slots should be studied that can make you win. Here’s the information of winning combinations, bonuses etc. on slots.

1. Wilds and Scatters

Generally winning combinations on slots pay from left to right, with successive symbols making up to a winning payline. However, you should note that every slot machine has some special symbols that can offer bigger prizes.

The Wild symbol is such a symbol that can replace regular symbols so as to form a winning combination. A multiplier is also attached to the win, which means that the win may be doubled or even tripled if formed with a Wild icon.

Another one is the Scatter symbol which pays out if you press two or more ANYWHERE across the reels. However, generally pressing three or more Scatters on the reels will give rise to a special bonus feature and also a special bonus cash prize.

2. Bonus Rounds

Thus if you are playing a real cash slot and hit three “Bonus” icons or Scatters on the reels, what type of bonus can you expect? It’s in the form of Free Spins!

This is the most common bonus in a real money slot. There may be anything from 3 to 50 free spins as a bonus and usually the spins can be re-triggered, i.e. if you succeed in hitting further three Scatters on the reels during the free spins round, you can win still more batches of freebies.

3. Pick ‘em Bonus

Upon hitting three Scatters, a Pick ‘em Bonus round will occur. Here you will be directed to a different game screen and will need to pick from a set of symbols, each one showing a different reward or multiplier. Usually the icons will follow the theme of the slot (e.g. oxygen cylinders for an underwater-themed slot or treasure boxes for an Aladdin-themed slot). Continue choosing icons till you hit the “Collect” icon and return to the base game screen. Then the total bonus you’ve won will be added to your bank.

4. Click Me Bonus

This type of bonus is triggered when three relevant bonus symbols show up on the reels at a time. You just have to select from three icons and a cash prize will be revealed.

Remember these various bonus features while playing on situs slot joker i.e. a joker slot site and wisely try to receive them so that you can maximize your winning as well as fun!