4 Top Tips Shared by Experts on Sports Betting

Sports betting is not a rocket science that will definitely win you big amounts every time. If you know any seasoned sports bettor who regularly wins big or a professional handicapper and you ask him what he does, he’ll tell you that choosing a winner and ending a week on a winning note takes a lot of time and study. Don’t assume that a single strategy will save you every time. Open your mind to multiple statistics and strategies that may influence the result of a game. Experts as Sportbook share their tips here.

1. Effective Money Management is the Key

If you are a beginner, it is understandable that you start on a small budget. However, if you will be betting on one particular game, it’s not at all advisable that you devote all your money on only that game. If you do that, you are at the risk of losing all the money at once. You should stretch it as far as possible.

2. Value – an Important Concept

An example of grasping the value is that before betting on a team considered favorites, you should consider the odds offered, if they are of real value. This means, you should consider if they have any chances to win better than the odds. If they have, you may consider placing one more bet on one more matchup.

3. Bet on the Total

Beginners usually have no experience about predicting the results of totals. However the process is quite simple:

  • Add the expected score (game total) of both the teams.
  • If you think that there will be overtime in the game, include that in your calculation.
  • If the posted total is higher than yours, the Over wins, whereas if the posted total is lower than yours, the Under wins.

Isn’t it quite easy? But wait! You should remember another rule: bet on the Over earlier in the week and the Under later.

4. Try to Gain from Player and Team Prop Bets

Prop bets are bets to be placed on something that is not directly related to the result or final score of a game, like coin toss, National Anthem and many others. These are fun and are extremely popular, especially during big game like the Super Bowl, though they are not that popular as totals betting or spread betting.

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