4 Top Tips on How to Win a Lottery

Unlike many other gambling types, a lottery is largely dependent on your luck regarding winning. And if you win one, it’s indeed a celebrative moment. Some lottery winners may be lucky, while some others may be luckier than them, and winning makes a real difference to their life. However, you can play a lottery strategically too and increase your chances of winning! Founders of IrishLotto.net, a trusted online Irish Lottery website, share their valuable tips here on how to win lotteries.

1. Stick to Your Lucky Numbers

Find out your lucky numbers and don’t abandon them. If some lucky numbers matter you the most like your or your kid’s birthday, you may want to try them weekly, and you should. Playing regularly will obviously increase your chances. To do it the other way around, is to play infrequently, but while playing, you should buy more number of tickets which will enhance your chances for that specific draw. Some people apply this latter strategy, particularly if the jackpot is big.

2. Choose to Play on Numbers above 31

Select to play on numbers above 31 or with the help of Quick Picks. This trick is used by many expert lottery players. It is not for increasing your chances of winning, but if you win, it tends to increase the winning amount. How? It has been proven by studies that most of the people play with numbers according to special days of the month, like anniversaries and birthday. So, choosing random numbers and choosing them over 31 will actually reduce your chances of splitting a big prize if you win it.

3. Form a Lottery Syndicate

Consider forming a lottery group with your friends or family or colleagues. Each in the group can then invest a small amount every week and multiply your chances of winning a jackpot. It has been seen most of the times that the biggest lottery jackpots have been grabbed by syndicates by purchasing tickets in bulk. The fact is that at least 1 in every 7 £1 million lottery jackpots has been grabbed by a syndicate.

4. Pay Attention to Numbers that Come More Often

Actually it has not any mathematical support; still, there are some particular numbers that appear more often in lottery draws. So keep an eye on these numbers and their patterns. And you can choose those numbers to win bigger amounts.

Playing lottery is fun; but you can make it profitable too by applying the above strategies.