4 Awesome Strategies to Win Powerball

Do you dream about winning a huge Powerball jackpot? A lot of people do! But the mistake they make (& probably you too) that they don’t play with a strategy. There are indeed strategies even for playing Powerball and applying them can boost your chances of winning! Here are a few.

1. Strategies by 7 Time Lottery Winner Richard Lustig

7 time lottery winner Richard Lustig has revealed all his strategies with which he has been successful continuously in lotteries, winning huge jackpots and as Powerball is HUGE this week, you MUST see this!

Richard Lustig has created a free video presentation of his strategies, tips and secrets to win Powerball. The jackpots in Powerball are increasing each month because more and more people are playing the lotto with no method and so, not winning anything.

Richard in his free video teaches how his method applies perfectly to Powerball to help you win jackpot! By seeing this video you can increase your odds higher than any other player. So, make it a point to see the video.

2. Study Frequency Charts

By studying the frequency of previous winning lottery numbers online, you can know how frequently certain numbers have been drawn. By finding which numbers have become winning numbers for most of the times, you can choose your own numbers. Here you have to assume the risk that other players too are using this method. So, you can also apply a reverse strategy, i.e. choosing numbers that are drawn less often. That way, fewer number of people will play those numbers and if any of them are hit, you won’t have to split your winning with many other winners.

3. Top Winning Numbers

Research done on Powerball shows that there are some top winning numbers that have been winners. First is 42, followed by 19, 26, 35 and 16. But this idea is a double-edged sword because you may consider that the least frequented numbers are most likely to turn up now or you may choose to play with the most “popular” numbers.

4. Play in Groups

By playing in groups, you can have hundreds of chances in one draw, rather than hoping that only one ticket of yours will hit the jackpot. However, this too has a downside that you have to split your winning. But looking at the huge size of the jackpot, even the split prize is profitable.

Follow these strategies rather than playing without any method and your dream of winning the Powerball will surely come true!