3 Unusual Tips for Winning Slots

Slot is such a popular game, that players keep finding ways to win them rather than playing other games. Naturally, we tend to hunt for more and more such tips that we can share with our readers. And fortunately we get them too. So, here are some uncommon tips that we hope you might not have read before.

1. Get No Deposit Bonus Codes

Casinos are in need of players to run their business in a highly competitive environment. So, they can go to any extent to outshine their competitors and attract you. No deposit bonus codes are such an attraction.

No deposit bonuses are actually free money. E.g. a $10 free chip offers you an opportunity to win at slots without losing even a real dime. Taking the time to search for no deposit bonus codes can incredibly increase your odds to play slots for free, while winning real money.

2. Use Freebies to Your Benefit

As mentioned earlier, the fierce competition among casinos to attract new players can be used to your benefit. Free spins, free chips and bonuses are all methods casinos use to lure you. What several players don’t know is that online gambling rules and regulations differ widely by states and countries; so, what casinos can offer in one country in the form of bonuses may be forbidden in another country.

Thus if you go through the daftar link alternatif joker (list of alternative joker links) you may find some sites operating in some countries where laws allow players to claim world’s best bonuses. So, if you are based in that country, you can exponentially increase your bankroll with a few to no limitations.

3. Choose Random and Not Progressive

Slots jackpots are of two types – random and progressive. Random jackpots are typically fixed and as the name suggests, pop up randomly. Progressive jackpots on the other hand pool players’ money, so their amount is ever-increasing and depends on how many players are playing at the slot. Progressives may also be of multi-slot types, with a set of various machines working together to provide one, ever-increasing mega jackpot. Thus a progressive can make you a millionaire and so, is extremely tempting. But the temptation should be avoided by playing random.

While there is an opinion is that progressives are better, if you use logic, not all slots are created equal and different slots pay out at different rates. So, by playing random, you actually increase your chances of hitting a jackpot even though the amount is smaller.

Follow these tips and be a winner of slots rather than a disappointed loser.