3 Prominent Changes Artificial Intelligence will Bring to Betting Industry

In recent years, there has been unseen progress in the field of artificial intelligence. New technologies, more data and higher computation power have led to AI-technologies that outperform humans on many tasks, including driving, medical diagnosis, image and speech recognition and natural language processing.

These same technologies can also be used to analyze sports data and predict the outcome of sport events.

DeepTennis.org are a team of experts who worked on the forefront of artificial intelligence and they have created a tennis prediction algorithm that outperforms professional human handicappers. This revolutionary AI algorithm for tennis betting is already very profitable and continues to improve itself with every new professional tennis match, that is played anywhere in the world.

Here are 3 ways AI is going to change the gambling world.

1. Greater Opportunities for the Analysis of Data

Just like land-based casinos have studied their customers so far to better retain players, online casinos too have been studying their players’ behavior for some time now. Using this data, online betting sites can understand players’ needs better and make out what makes them play, leave or change games.

The usage of this data varies from gambling company to company. Some use it to find out what factors make particular games more popular than others, whereas many others may strictly study them for maximizing their profits.

This abundant data has opened up opportunities to those who have a knack for analytics.

2. Better Online Competition

We’ve heard stories of computers winning over complex games including Go, chess and League of Legends. It’s merely a matter of time till people not only will teach computers to play poker but to play it exceptionally well. While nobody plays poker online against computers for money, how machine learning can consider both mathematical possibilities and behavior of their opponents could offer the house an even higher edge in other table games in the casinos. If the technology is used to produce betting lines that get 50/50 action consistently on either side of the line, it could also permanently change online sports betting.

3. More Efficient Customer Service

Whether it’s on online chat or over the phone, all players experience the frustration that arises while dealing with a customer service rep that is obviously not human. Thanks to AI, those comically inhuman bots will soon be out of job. They are being slowly replaced by advanced bots that can gain and analyze knowledge about the playing choices of customers. This will allow more relevant and personalized replies that would be delivered quickly. In case, a player has to deal with a human, the interaction records will ensure that the player’s ticket is passed to the best-equipped agent.

All in all, AI seems to offer several benefits in the coming years. Hopefully, it’ll make life easier for all of us.