3 Basic Bet Variations in Poker You Should Know About

Poker can be played in many forms. Plus, there is further a great level of variations in betting too. These are fixed-limit, pot-limit and no-limit.

To understand how they work, we’ll assume that you are playing a poker game at a casino like maxwin303 with a small blind of $1 and a big blind of $2. Although the three different betting variations will post the same amount, a big difference can be seen in how the games will play because of the different betting structures.

1. Fixed Limit

In this betting structure, your choice is fixed by the stakes regarding how much to bet. If we take the example of $1 and $2 blinds, the “under the gun” player (the first player to the left of the big blind) gets three choices:

  • He may call the $2 big blind
  • He may increase but only $2 as limits are fixed
  • He may fold and sit out this hand and can wait for a new deal. He may not check because the purpose of the blinds is to generate initial action.

2. Pot Limit

Here the amount you can bet is decided by the size of the pot and therefore it’s named so. Pot limit play can be much more expensive than limit play. With the growth of pot size, bet size also can go on increasing. Let’s take an example of $1 and $2 blind structures.

Pot limit play offers the first player to the left of the big blind the same choices as that in fixed limit play, viz. calling, increasing and folding. The difference lies in how much the player can increase.

Calling would just be matching the $2 posted big blind. Folding just needs mucking (throwing away) your cards. If the player wants to increase, he can do so up to a total of $7.

Here’s how that number is derived:

Small blind bet of $1 added to the big blind bet of $2 added to a call of $2 totals to $5 which would be the increase. Thus the calling of $2 and increase of $5 totals to $7.

3. No Limit

As its name suggests, there is no limit in this structure, barring the size of blinds. Once again with the example of $1 and $2 blinds, the first player to act is able to call, fold or increase. It’s different than the other two in that a player can increase the least of the size of the big blind, but he is allowed to bet minimum up to the size of the big blind but he is allowed to bet maximum only the chips he has before him on the table (this is the amount he began the hand with).

So, now as you know the types of bet variations, you can take more informative decisions while playing and can increase your chances of winning.