10 Basic Guidelines about Online Casinos for New Players

Winning big sums in gambling is the dream of every player. If you are new to gambling and are wondering about where to start, here are some basic guidelines that may help you.

1. Download Casinos Vs. Instant Play Casino

To start with, you have to understand that there are two types of casinos – downloadable and instant play. The difference between the two is that while at a downloadable casino, you should first download a piece of software from the casino and install it, an instant play casino just needs you to create an account and then you can immediately start playing there, e.g. at BetThatCasino where you can just play now.

2. Play-for-free Options

Most online casinos offer play-for-free games. If the casino is to be downloaded, you just have to download and install the software and open an account, and start playing. Some casinos also offer an instant play option which even doesn’t need you to create an account.

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3. Minimum Age Requirement

Most casinos have an age limit of minimum 18 years. But some casinos have the limit of 21 years. However, free-to-play games don’t have any age limit.

4. Security Offered by Casinos to Players’ Private Information

While choosing a casino where you have to open your account and submit your private information, you should always check what security measures that casino takes to protect you against identity theft. The best type of encryption is the 128-bit SSL encryption. Almost every online casino uses it. It is also the same security method that major financial organizations use.

5. Viewing Your Transaction History

A complete transaction history is available for viewing almost always at all online casinos. It is useful especially when a disagreement takes place between the player and the casino, when the history can be reviewed by each of them.

6. Random Number Generator

Every legitimate online casino uses a RNG or random number generator. A RNG makes sure that poker or blackjack hand, roll of the dice or spine on the roulette wheel is totally random and created by mere chance for that particular event. Since online casinos already have an advantage in the games, they need not try to influence the outcomes.

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7. How to Find out the Average Payout of a Casino

Before you decide to play now on a specific online casino, it’s essential that you find out its average payout. Mostly, the casino will give you these details as a percentage which is often around 97%. This means that the house gets an average edge of 3% on each bet. Remember, however, that the average payout is a figure counted on the basis of all the games combined; hence you may get a lower or higher payout, based on the game.

8. Online Chatting with Other Players

You can chat online with other players while betting. Some online casinos provide multi-player games and allow players to chat while playing.

9. What are Multiplayer Games?

Online table games like blackjack, roulette or craps in which more than one player participate at a time are known as multiplayer games. Some casinos even give you the option of inviting players on your own for a table created by you. These are called private tables.

10. To Know if the Game You are Playing has a Progressive Jackpot

A progressive jackpot is the one whose value increases with every bet placed. Often constituted of a bunch of slot machines and video poker, a progressive jackpot is generated by taking a very small percentage of every player’s bets and adding it to a money pot. These jackpots may become extremely large, sometimes even more than three million dollars.

Remember this information while starting to play on online casinos. It will help you gain further knowledge and sharpen your playing skills, so that you can fulfill you dream of winning big!

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